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Can Roman Catholic Children Receive Holy Communion at a Ukrainian Catholic Church?
I would like to apply to a Ukrainian Catholic seminary, but I am not Ukrainian. Will this prohibit me from applying?
What prayers should I use to get through a bad day?

Did I invalidate my confession by giving the priest unnecessary background information?

What is the correct procedure for a proper Ukrainian Catholic burial?

Does the Eparchy keep ex-communication records?

Does the Ukrainian Catholic Church celebrate the feast of Saint Constantine and Saint Helena?

Why Does the Bishop Remove his Mitre?

I Cheated More Than Being Academically Honest, What Should I Do?

Does the Ukrainian Catholic Church permit cremation of remains?

Why is the celebration of the resurrection called Easter in the West, but Pascha in the East?

Should/Shouldn’t We Work on a Sunday?

What is the Catholic Doctrine Concerning Mediums/Spiritists?

Why does our Eparchy still practice “first Holy Communion”?

What are we supposed to do regarding kneeling/standing during Weekday vs Sunday Divine Liturgies?

If someone argues that the Eastern Churches are not truly Catholic, how can we prove to them that the Eastern Churches are legitimate Catholic churches?

Why are we seeing orthodox crosses on Ukrainian Greek Catholic churches and literature? Is the orthodox cross allowed to be used?

Why catholic but Eastern Rite? How can two different churches be united?

Can you explain the Church Calendar year? It starts in September and ends in August, but why?

Question: What is the difference between the Roman Catholic Church and the Ukrainian Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church?

Why does the West use unleavened bread, whereas the East use leavened? What came first?

Why does the Western church do/has done more missionary activity than the East?

Is it appropriate to use praise & worship music in our Ukrainian Catholic tradition?

I want to tithe 10% but if I did I wouldn’t be able to pay all my monthly bills. I trust God. How do I get over this?

What are some practical ways we can allow young children to start praying?

Did Jesus have a brother?