Response From: Fr. Jim


Thank you for your question. The fact that you are pondering becoming Catholic in your heart is a great gift and you should continue to pray first and foremost, and investigate what your apprehensions are. Are you worried about what your family or friends who are not Catholic might think? Are you just not sure due to lack of knowledge of the Catholic Church? etc. You are not alone in having these kinds of questions. In fact, I recently responded to a very similar question. Although you ask about Catholicism in general and my response was about the Ukrainian Catholic Church specifically, the basic ideas could prove to be of some benefit to you. 

 Here is the link: Is there an RCIA in the Ukrainian Church? If an adult wants to become Ukrainian Catholic, what is the process? 

I would encourage you to pray and read more about the Catholic Church and look for an opportunity to speak with a Catholic friend that is living their faith or contact a priest in a local Catholic Church to set up an appointment to have a conversation about the Catholic Church and becoming Catholic. 


May God bless you on your journey to the Catholic Church!