Full question: I’m a Protestant who has lapsed quite a bit from his faith in God. I haven’t been to church in years. Much of which was because I stopped believing in the concept as sola scriptura. But then I came to the conclusion that, with this concept, any person can interpret this Bible and treat their own interpretation as divine truth, no matter how far from the truth it actually is. Despite the fact that the biblical canon was chosen by the Catholic Church, I had kept my mind shut. However, over time, I’ve become more open-minded about the church. And I’ve learned more and more about Christian history, about how Catholicism traces back to the apostles and the church in Antioch. Up until the schism between the western church and the Eastern Church. Anyways, I’d like to learn more about Catholicism, and where I should go from here?

Answer from: Fr. Rendy

First, I would start with prayer – do something – Vespers, Matins, Common Hours, Rosary, read the New Testament Gospels. Do something.

Secondly, I would go to church and remain open to the Holy Spirit. You do not have to be a member to attend. You may have to go a number of times before God will say something to you.

Third, take a course that a local parish is offering or a course at Newman College.

Fourth, part of searching is discipline, just like prayer, just like anything else.

Fifth, buy a book on Catholicism, check the library at the eparchial Pastoral Centre.

Sixth, remember that your questions, no matter how simple they may seem, are important because they come from your heart.

Seventh, – and this is critical – seek the guidance of a priest or knowledgeable layperson.

Eighth, Life is a search! Be patient and persevere.

May God bless your faith journey.


Fr. Rendy