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“Hello my name is … I’m 19, I don’t want to make this too long but just to give you the reason behind the meaning of my question but years ago my family and I went through a rough traumatic time, with my mom saying and doing the unthinkable… so I spoke to the devil I said something similar too “I hate my mom, do something to her I hope she dies  “ that was it that was the last time I ever did that i truly deeply regret it I cry till this day begging for forgiveness I just want to know what do I have to do for God to forgive me and hear me I talk to him but I never hear his voice I repent my sins daily please help me understand what to do will I ever be forgiven. Please help God is all I need in my life”

Answered By: Fr. Jim
Thank you for your question. The one thing I want you to know is we all do things in our lives that we regret, especially going through our teenage years and wanting our independence, we sometimes lash out at our parents and loved ones. Being Ukrainian Catholic, we have the opportunity to go to confession, confess our sins, to receive spiritual counsel from a priest, and to receive absolution and forgiveness of our transgressions. When we go to confession with a contrite and sincere heart, we receive great graces from God and it is these graces that help us to forgive ourselves which is where healing is required. God has forgiven us, but we too must forgive ourselves as well. If the person that we regret hurting is still alive you may wish to ask for their forgiveness as well, you may be surprised that they have already forgiven you. May God bless you on your spiritual journey.