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Discover the beauty of Eastern Catholicism through our Faith based resources! 

What do we do?

Faith Materials

We help provide Faith materials through our resource centre and library!


Religious Education

Helping teach the Faith to all generations of Catholics.


Mens conference, women’s retreats, catechists workshop and more!

Edmonton Eparchy Book Store

St. Macrina Store

You can find a collection of icons in various sizes and prices.  We carry an assortment of books for adults and children as well as cards and gifts for various occasions.

Edmonton Eparchy Library

Faith Resources

Access our cathechetical resources and Eparchy library at our pastoral centre! You can rent out movies, CD’s, books, and more great resources for Eastern Catholics! 

Teach Us To Pray

Teach Us To Pray Series

Praying the Psalms, Praying with Icons, Prayers of the Divine Liturgy, the Jesus Prayer, the Rosary, and Understanding the Lord’s Prayer and more videos are included in the Teach us to Pray Series!

Expected Outcomes for First Holy Confession and Solemn Holy Communion Preparation

Download Our E-Book!

This list of expected outcomes was created to be used as a guide for those preparing children for first Holy Confession and Solemn Holy Communion in the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton. 

Join Our Online Class!

This online class gives you an outline of what religious education for Eastern Catholics should generally look like. In a three day training session, we bring up examples, resources, and extra materials you could use to help enhance your religious education.  

Discover the sound of our Faith through our SoundCloud!

Bozhy Dity and Children’s Catechesis Resources

Learn more about our resources specifically for children containing various activities, print outs, audio, and information perfect for young families!  

Faith in the Eparchy

Musings with Father Mike is a great YouTube channel for you to subscribe to! It has videos on his homilies, how to make a prayer corner, and much more! Discover his videos here…

Want to stay up to date with St. Josaphat Cathedral? Their YouTube channel streams everything there, from Bible studies, to Divine Liturgies, and much more! Discover their videos here…

Edmonton Eparchy posts videos with Bishop David and educational videos, our YouTube channel is a great resource to watch! Discover the videos the Edmonton Eparchy posts here…

Father Bo from Dormition Parish has been putting out some great videos on everything from studying the liturgy, to Camp Oselia, and even some cooking episodes! Make sure to subscribe and see his videos here…

Discover the beauty of Eastern Catholicism 

Learn about Eastern Catholicism through these other great resources!

Royal Doors

Royal Doors - English Language Resources for Ukrainian Greek Catholics

Royal Doors was launched as a website to provide English language resources for Ukrainian Greek Catholics in July 2011. We hope to have an ever-growing collection of catechetical resources, liturgical services, “how to” videos, news articles, and many other items that will serve the needs of the Church. 


Metropolitan Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies

The Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies (MASI) is an autonomous academic unit of the Faculty of Theology of the University of St. Michael’s College (USMC) in the University of Toronto (U of T). It specializes in Eastern Christian Studies, including the theology, spirituality, liturgy, history, and ecclesial polity of the Eastern Christian Churches, both Orthodox and Catholic. The Institute focuses on all four families of Eastern Churches: Eastern Orthodox, Pre-Chalcedonian, Assyrian and Eastern Catholic.


True Light – A Podcast by the Sheptytsky Institute | Metropolitan ...

Grandin Media

Livestreamed Mass in the Archdiocese of Edmonton - Grandin Media

We aim to inform and engage readers through the telling of inspiring stories of Catholic life in today’s world, and particularly in central and northern Alberta. Grandin Media also covers news of all kinds, offering a unique Catholic perspective on stories that matter.


God With Us Online

God With Us Online on Vimeo

A great outreach project of the Eparchial Directors of Religious Education (ECED) and the Eastern Catholic Associates (ECA) in the United States. Previously recorded webinars livestreamed webinars and presentations


Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon | Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon

Family and Life Office of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon. Resources for Families.  Links, videos, brochures on a variety of topics.

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