First QuestionMy father was baptized in one of the Ukrainian Catholic churches in Edmonton.  We are just trying to find out which one. His parents are no longer here.  How would I go about finding out which church? 

Response from Pastoral Centre Office: You can contact our pastoral centre and we may have records available to help you out. We could then leave further contact information with the parish priest to assist you. Feel free to get in touch here: 


Second Question: If my father is Catholic and my mother is not, would I be considered Catholic or would I have had to be baptized in the Catholic Church as well? 

Response From: Fr. Mihajlo 


Thanks for the good question. 

First, let me explain to you who belongs to the Catholic Church.  According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church: 

#836 “All [people] are called to this catholic unity of the People of God…..And to it, in different ways, belong or are ordered: the Catholic faithful, others who believe in Christ, and finally all [humankind], called by God’s grace to salvation.”  

If you are baptized in the Catholic Church then you are Catholic. If you are baptized in another Christian Church you can become a Catholic if you practice the Catholic faith. The Catholic Church recognizes the baptism of other Churches if they baptize in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. If you haven’t received baptism, it’s not enough that your father is a Catholic. To be a Catholic one needs to be baptized and live by baptism. 

Many adults who have not been baptized approach Catholic Church and go through preparation and are baptized.  If you have more questions, get in touch and we will try to help you.