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Supporting our Ukrainian Catholic Church in Alberta in sharing the Good News.



Social media, websites, outreach, traditional print, and more.
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Leadership Development

Page Under Construction – Estimated Completion time: January 2023



Ensure parishes have strong support for our youth.
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Religious Education

Parish Resources, Vibrant Parish, faith ministry, and more.
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Pastoral Care

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Bookkeeping, investments, voluntary offerings, and more.
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Parish Operations

Insurance, maintenance, guidelines, safe environments, and more.
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Fundraising and Grants

Grants, fundraising, appeals, and donations options.
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Most Recent Parish Hub Updates:
05/06/2022 $200,000 Humanitarian Aid Settlement Grant – Guidelines added to Fundraising
06/04/2021 Donations in Kind – Guidelines added to Finance

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Parish Hub

Keeping our parishes connected to the Pastoral Centre.

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