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Thank you for your question. The fact that you were baptized Catholic as an infant means that you are Catholic, but there are additional considerations that need to be explored:


1) Were you baptized as a member of the Roman (Latin) Catholic Church, Ukrainian (Eastern) Catholic Church or another of the Catholic Churches in communion with Rome? If it was Roman Catholic, then you were baptized, but not confirmed, which normally occurs between the ages of 11 and 13 while belonging to a Roman Catholic Parish or attending a Catholic school and is done by the local bishop. If you are Ukrainian Catholic, then you would have been baptized and chrismated at the same time. Chrismation is a Holy Sacrament and is administered to an infant or adult at the time of their baptism. Chrismation is the Eastern Catholic equivalent to confirmation within the Latin Rite (Roman Catholic), although in the Eastern Churches a priest is delegated by the bishop to administer this sacrament.


2) To be baptized as a Catholic is one thing, but the real question is: Have you been living as a Catholic? To live as a Catholic means that you believe in Jesus Christ, you follow the commandments, you attend church on Sundays and Feast Days, you have gone to confession at least once a year, you frequently receive the Holy Eucharist (which is our sacrament of communion with one another in the Holy Spirit through partaking of the real Body and Blood of Jesus Christ), and you believe in and follow the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as professed and explained by the Catholic Church.


If you were baptized as an infant, but were not raised in the Catholic Church, it is never too late. I would encourage you to reach out to a Catholic friend that is regularly attending a Catholic Church and begin to attend with them. You can also reach out to a local Catholic Church and talk to the priest about looking for ways to learn more about your Catholic Faith. Many larger parishes often have faith and bible study programs for adults. You can also look for a Catholic bookstore or online and, if you are Roman Catholic, begin to read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. If you are Ukrainian Catholic, I recommend Christ – Our Pascha, The Catechism of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.


May God Bless You!

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