Are Adults Still Living at Home and Supported Financially by Their Parents Morally Obligated to Obey Them?
Published on: October 27, 2020
Ask a Priest

Question: Are adults still living at home and supported financially by their parents morally obligated to obey them when it comes to things outside of temporal matters?

Answer By: Fr. Jim


Good question. Regardless of whether you are living at home or not the 4th Commandment still applies in all situations: Honour your father and mother.  When we honour our parents, we are honouring God who gave us our parents. Although one may be an adult, we still must honour and care for our parents, since their life circumstances will change. As they once cared for you, you may be required to provide care for them.  


The fact that you are still financially dependent upon your parents as an adult and living with them, you must show honour and respect, by abiding by their rules. They are looking out for you and want the best for you. If their advice is not of God or harmful, then I would never advise you to follow it, but if it is gentle and loving guidance or house rules, then you should abide by them since they still are caring for you. Once you are out on your own and working and paying your way you will have more freedom to make your own decisions without interference. Although you will always honour and respect your parents, once you are on your own you will find your way upon the foundation that they instilled in you. May God Bless You!