Social Mission Commission


“Mandated by the gospel of Jesus Christ, our mission is to affirm, inspire and enable the people of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy to work towards a just and loving world by providing education, support, and guidance in addressing social justice issues both locally and globally.”

10 principles of Catholic Social Teaching

1. Dignity of the Human Person
6. Subsidiarity
2. The Common Good
7. Participation
3. Solidarity
8. Rights and Responsibilities
4. Preferential Option for the Poor
9. Economic Justice
5. Stewardship of Creation
10. Peace

What Are You Looking For?

Sanctity of Human Life
Care For Creation
Indigenous Relations
Social Development and Justice

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Presentation One

Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton Social Mission Commission
👉 W
ho are we?
👉 What are we about?
👉 What can we offer you as a parish/ group/ individual?
👉 Topics Include: Social Justice, Solidarity and the Common Good, the Sanctity of Human Life, Ethical Consumption, Care for Creation, Indigenous Rights and Relations, and Charity, the Dignity of all people, Catholic Social Teaching.

Presentation Two

Edmonton Eparchy Social Commission

Laudato Si’ – Care for Our Common Home
👉 What is happening to Our Common Home?
👉 The Gospel of Creation
👉 The Human Roots of the Ecological Crisis
👉 Integral Ecology
👉 Lines of Approach and Action
👉 Ecological Education and Spirituality

Presentation Three

Edmonton Eparchy Social Commission

Ethical Consumption.

As a consumer how can I make a difference in the ways I shop that will help the producers of products get their fair wage and also care for the environment. 
👉 Fair Trade
👉 Fast Fashion
👉 Locally Made
👉 Sustainably made products

Presentation Four 

Edmonton Eparchy Social Commission

The Home of Hope in Ukraine and Human Trafficking


Learn about the beginnings of the Bridge of Hope and the project called Home of Hope in Lviv Ukraine which is under the auspices of the Eparchy of Edmonton and contributes to the fight against Human trafficking. 

Presentation Five

Edmonton Eparchy Social Commission

The Refugee Crisis

Guided by Development and Peace’s 2019 Share Lent Campaign, we invite you to share the journey with 68.5 million forced migrants as part of the global Share the Journey campaign launched by Pope Francis and Caritas International.

Presentation Six

Pass it On

Pass it On

Learn about this charitable initiative which began at St. Stephen Protomartyr parish in Calgary. It has grown to involve a number of churches, schools and organizations and has provided gently used clothing, boots, and toys to thousands of people in need! Learn how they have evolved during the Covid19 pandemic to support the local organizations JacketRacket and Street Sisters.

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1. Creating an Eco-Friendly Parish
2. A Guide For Groups Exploring Faith and Justice
3. A guide for Catholic Social Teaching
4. Caritas development
Social Mission Commission

Help us inspire a loving and just world!

Our current commission membership is composed of Bishop David Motiuk, Bernadette MandrusiakChristina Csernyanski, Inessa McIntyre, Alex Schabel, and David Franko. 

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