In a world facing environmental challenges, the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton is committed to echoing the call for responsible stewardship of the Earth. Embracing the teachings of Pope Francis and inspired by the Laudato Si encyclical, the Ukrainian Catholic Church emphasizes the profound connection between faith and ecological responsibility. In this blog post, we explore the Church’s dedication to caring for creation and highlight pertinent links for those seeking to deepen their understanding and engagement in environmental stewardship.


Laudato Si: On Care for Our Common Home Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si, is a powerful and comprehensive document that addresses the urgent need for ecological conversion. It calls for an integral ecology that recognizes the interconnectedness of all living beings and the environment. The encyclical challenges us to reflect on our lifestyles and to promote a culture of care for the Earth. Read the full text of Laudato Si here.


Eparchial Human and Environmental Development Program (Saskatoon) The Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon has taken concrete steps toward environmental stewardship through its Human and Environmental Development Program. This program reflects a commitment to harmonizing human development with the well-being of the Earth. Learn more about their initiatives and projects here.


Development and Peace – A Canadian Catholic Organization Development and Peace is a Canadian Catholic organization dedicated to supporting partners in the Global South in their pursuit of alternatives to unjust social, political, and economic structures. Explore their resources, education programs, and initiatives aimed at fostering a more just and sustainable world. Visit Development and Peace.


For Our Common Home Education Programs Development and Peace offers educational programs such as “A Future for the Amazon, a Future for All” (2019) and “Creating a Climate of Change” (2015). These programs provide valuable insights, materials, and action items for those passionate about making a positive impact on our planet. Explore the educational programs here.


Share Lent, Give from the Heart 2020 For those planning events focused on environmental care in their parishes, homes, or schools, the “For Our Common Home Education Program” offers resources from the Share Lent, Give from the Heart campaign in 2020. Access these resources here.


As stewards of God’s creation, the Ukrainian Catholic Church encourages us to reflect on our responsibility to care for the Earth. By embracing the teachings of Laudato Si and engaging with organizations like Development and Peace and the Global Catholic Climate Movement, we can actively contribute to the ongoing work of nurturing our common home. Let us strive to live in harmony with the environment, fostering a sustainable and just world for present and future generations.