In the heart of Alberta, a network of compassionate organizations is steadfastly working to support individuals facing unplanned or crisis pregnancies. These pro-life pregnancy and parenting support programs prioritize life-affirming choices, offering a myriad of services to empower expectant mothers and fathers throughout their unique journeys.


1. The Back Porch: A Haven for Choices

The Back Porch, a leading pregnancy resource center, is dedicated to providing confidential and nonjudgmental support to women and men considering their pregnancy options. Specializing in pro-life perspectives, they offer comprehensive information to help individuals make informed decisions about their pregnancies. With a commitment to compassionate care, The Back Porch encourages open dialogue and welcomes opportunities to engage with communities, including parish visits. More information about their crucial work can be found on their website: The Back Porch.


2. The Gianna Centre: Nurturing Life, Holistically

Formerly known as the Edmonton Pregnancy Crisis Centre, The Gianna Centre stands as a beacon of support, advocacy, and education for those navigating unplanned or crisis pregnancies. Offering a range of free services, including pregnancy tests and information on parenting, adoption, and abortion, The Gianna Centre goes beyond the conventional by providing referrals to pro-life doctors, financial support, and housing options. Their commitment extends to post-abortive counseling through Mercy Counselling. The Gianna Centre also collaborates with Basically Babies to offer maternity clothes and baby care items. Furthermore, they conduct classes for expecting and new mothers and promote a holistic approach to sex education for youth based on the TeenSTAR curriculum. With a mission to uphold the value of human life, The Gianna Centre actively seeks partnerships with like-minded groups across Alberta.


3. The Miracle of Life: Pro-Life Initiatives Across the Province

Beyond Edmonton, pro-life pregnancy and parenting support programs are making a difference across the province. These initiatives strive to create a network of care, addressing the diverse needs of individuals facing unplanned pregnancies. From counseling services and material support to educational programs and community outreach, these programs work tirelessly to foster a culture that values and protects the sanctity of life.


4. Embracing Life Amid Challenges

In a world where challenges often overshadow hope, pro-life pregnancy and parenting support programs in Alberta stand as beacons of encouragement. The commitment to fostering a supportive environment, respecting the dignity of every life, and providing practical assistance reflects a shared vision for a culture that cherishes life from conception to natural end.


Alberta’s pro-life pregnancy and parenting support programs are essential pillars of compassion, offering vital assistance and guidance to individuals navigating the complexities of unplanned pregnancies. Their commitment to fostering a culture that values and protects life serves as an inspiring testament to the power of community, compassion, and the unwavering belief in the sanctity of every human life.