Edmonton, a city with a vibrant and conscientious community, is home to a growing number of businesses that champion ethical practices and sustainability. The Fairtrade movement, which prioritizes fair wages and ethical treatment of producers, is gaining momentum in this city. The Social Mission Commission of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton invites you to explore and support establishments that are committed to making a positive impact on both local and global communities.


Mandolin Books & Coffee Company: About: Mandolin Books & Coffee Company is a charming independent bookstore and cafe that values community, sustainability, and ethical sourcing. Their coffee offerings include Fairtrade and organic options, providing customers with a delicious cup of coffee while supporting ethical practices.

Website: Mandolin Books & Coffee Company

DaCapo Caffe: About: DaCapo Caffe is a local gem that not only offers a delightful coffee experience but also prioritizes Fairtrade practices. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, DaCapo Caffe is a must-visit for those seeking ethically sourced coffee in Edmonton.

Website: DaCapo Caffe

Planet Organic Market: About: Planet Organic Market is a health food store that emphasizes organic, natural, and Fairtrade products. From fresh produce to snacks and beverages, Planet Organic is dedicated to providing environmentally conscious and ethically sourced options to its customers.

Website: Planet Organic Market

Earth’s General Store: About: Earth’s General Store is a zero-waste grocery store committed to promoting sustainable and ethical living. With a selection of Fairtrade products, this store empowers customers to make ethical choices in their daily lives.

Website: Earth’s General Store

Transcend Coffee: About: Transcend Coffee is a local roaster that takes pride in sourcing high-quality coffee beans through ethical and sustainable practices. By supporting Transcend, customers contribute to the Fairtrade movement while enjoying exceptional coffee.

Website: Transcend Coffee

The Tea Girl: About: The Tea Girl is a haven for tea enthusiasts seeking a Fairtrade and ethically sourced tea experience. With a diverse selection of teas and a commitment to responsible sourcing, The Tea Girl provides a guilt-free indulgence for tea lovers.

Website: The Tea Girl

Three Farmers Camelina Oil: About: Three Farmers is a local producer of Camelina oil, a versatile and nutritious cooking oil. Committed to sustainable farming practices, Three Farmers supports Fairtrade principles and contributes to a more ethical and equitable food industry.

Website: Three Farmers


Edmonton’s Fairtrade businesses are beacons of ethical commerce, demonstrating that conscious consumer choices can make a meaningful impact. By choosing Fairtrade products, we not only enjoy quality goods but also contribute to a more just and sustainable world. Let’s continue to celebrate and promote businesses that prioritize people and the planet, fostering a community that values ethical commerce and sustainable practices.

Businesses in Edmonton that sell two or more Fairtrade Certified Products:

Blush Lane Organic Market

Bulk Barn

Bonjour Boulangerie Artisanale

Carbon Environmental Boutique

Cookie  Love Inc.

Costco Warehouse

David’s Tea

Duchess Bake Shop

Earth’s General Store

Graham & Lane Florists Ltd.


Italian Marketplace

Mountain Equipment Coop

The Organic Box

Pangaea Market

Planet Organic



Silk Road Spice Merchant


SubMart, UofA Campus



Ten Thousand Villages


Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop

Wild Earth Foods


Cafes and Restaurants in Edmonton that sell two or more Fairtrade Certified Products:

Axis Cafe

Bar Teca

Bistro 112

Block 1912

Blues Java Bar

Blush Lane Organic Cafe

Bogani Cafe

CAB Cafe, University of Alberta

Cafe Coral de Cuba

Cafe Mosaic

Campus Convenience, Residence building

Campus Convienience, Grant Macewan University

Chai’s Cafe, Nait main Campus

Cookies & Catering  Corp.,

Cookie Love Inc.

Corona Coffee Station

Cramdunk, University of Alberta

DaCapo Café

Deweys, University of Alberta

Duchess Bake Shop

Edmonton Clinic Health Academy     Café

Elements Cafe, NAIT Souch   Campus

Enterprise Square Cafe

European Sweetness

Good Earth, Campus Towers

Good Earth, Government District

Good Earth, Scotia Building


Hot Spot Cafe

It’s Only Natural Cafe

Jeffrey’s Cafe and Wine Bar

Kerstin’s Chocolates

Kings College’s Students Association Cafe

Kopio Fresh Roasted Coffee

La Piazza Dasee

L’Expresso Organic Cafe

Mac’s Convenient Store


Padmanadi Vegetarian Restaurant

Remedy, Downtown

Remedy, Garneau

Rutherford House Cafe

Seven Eleven Convenient Store

Shaw Conference Centre Cafe

Starbucks Cafe        [Cafe Estima, French Roast, Dark]

Italian Roast

Steeps College Plaza

Steeps Glenora

Sugar Bowl

Timothy’s World Coffee, Callingwood

Timothy’s World Coffee, Canada Place

Timothy’s World Coffee, City Centre

Treats International

Wild Earth Cafe

Winspear Cafe

Ordering Fairtrade Online:


– Sole Rebels (World Fair Trade Organization)


– Fair Trade Winds (Fair Trade Federation Member)

– People Tree (World Fair trade Organization)


Sport Balls:

– Volo Athletics (Fairtrade Certified)

– Fair Trade Jewelry Co. (Fairtrade Certified)