Our commission, currently led by Bishop David Motiuk, Bernadette Mandrusiak, Christina Csernyanski, Inessa McIntyre, David Franko, Leslie Mann and Markian Gowda is looking for passionate individuals to join our cause.

If social development and justice ignite your passion, and you want to play a more active role in the Eparchy’s initiatives, we invite you to express your interest by completing the form below. Your submission will be reviewed and forwarded to Bishop David for the final decision on commission membership.

While a recommended term of 3 years is suggested, it’s not mandatory. However, regular attendance at our meetings (approximately four per year, either through Zoom or in-person) is essential. Commission members are also expected to actively participate in our initiatives, often through committee work in areas such as the environment, sanctity of human life, indigenous relations, and ethical consumption. This involvement may include assisting with communications and planning events within these focus areas.

Take the next step in contributing to social development and justice – join our Social Mission Commission today!

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