Christ in the Old Testament Series

We know that God promised a saviour and that Jesus was the fulfillment of that promise.  These 4 sessions look at the Old Testament and explore where we find the promises. Then they look at the New Testament in the life of Christ and beyond to see the glorious fulfillment of God’s promises to us.

Christ’s Suffering

Prophecy, Fulfillment, and the Messiah

The Nativity

The Passover of Christ

Learn From the Liturgy: a Lenten Series

The Divine Liturgy is central for faithful Christians. We will examine prayers voiced by the priest on our behalf, within the Divine Liturgy to learn the depth of the meaning of these prayers for a richer experience of the Divine Liturgy. A perfect way to prepare hearts for Pascha!

Preparation for the Celebration

Liturgy of the Eucharist

Growing in Grace; a Lenten Webinar Series

The journey through the Great Fast is meant to be one of discovery. Discovery of the image of God, within ourselves and others. Discovery of God’s infinite love for us on the cross. Discovery of the gift of grace that can lead us from darkness into the light of spring.

We are the soil. We work to care for the soil of our hearts so that we may produce fruit for His Kingdom. Join us as we explore the wisdom of the Fathers and Mothers of the Eastern Church to discover the treasure within our hearts. We prepare the soil, we sow the seeds and we bear the fruit.

Read the Entire Bible in a Year!

You can read the entire Bible in a year through this fantastic podcast hosted by Fr. Mike Schmitz and featuring Jeff Cavins. Each 20-25 minute episode includes:

  • two to three scripture readings
  • a reflection from Fr. Mike Schmitz
  • guided prayer to help you hear God’s voice in his Word.

A Prayerful Reading of the Gospel According to Luke

With its beauty the Gospel of Luke has always attracted both theologians and artists as well as ordinary believers. It is widely used in the divine services and in Church teaching, especially in catechesis and spiritual life. It is precisely through it that we know the beautiful parables of Jesus about the merciful father, the Good Samaritan…