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Supporting our Ukrainian Catholic Church in Alberta in sharing the Good News.



Social media, websites, outreach, traditional print, and more.
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Leadership Development

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Ensure parishes have strong support for our youth.
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Religious Education

Parish Resources, Vibrant Parish, faith ministry, and more.
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Pastoral Care

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Bookkeeping, investments, voluntary offerings, and more.
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Parish Operations

Insurance, maintenance, guidelines, safe environments, and more.
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Grants, fundraising, appeals, and donations options.
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Most Recent Parish Hub Updates:

07/30/2021 Ukrainian Catholic Copyright Free Photos added to Communications Section
07/30/2021 Policy on Cathedraticum added to Finance Section
07/30/2021 Ukrainian Catholic Parish Bulletin Inserts added to Communications Section
07/30/2021 6 Steps to Start a Parish Fundraising Strategy (With expert interview) added to Fundraising Section
07/30/2021 40+ Outreach Methods E-Book added to Communications Section
07/30/2021 10 Ways to Encouraging Event Attendance added to Communications Section
07/30/2021 Youth Ministry Event Templates added to Youth Section
07/30/2021 Event Planner Template added to Communications Section
07/30/2021 Annual Outreach Plan Template added to Communications Section
07/30/2021 Facilitating a Faith Sharing Group added to Religious Education 

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