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Fundraising is vital to ensure the long-term sustainability of our parishes.

Online Donations

Our communications office can set up online donations directly to your parish website.

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$200,000 Humanitarian Aid Settlement Grant

$200,000 Humanitarian Aid Settlement Grant

The faithful of the Eparchy of Edmonton are preparing to welcome these families and help settle them and establish them into the community. Although each parish may have different means of providing support, we all can do something. Eparchial parishes and eparchial...

6 Steps to Start a Parish Fundraising Strategy

6 Steps to Start a Parish Fundraising Strategy

What is the Current State of Your Fundraising Strategy? Good stewardship is vital to the success of our parishes, so it’s important your parish has a plan for their fundraising strategy and how you intend to ensure the long-term sustainability of the mission of the...

What Parishes are Doing: Online Donations Programs

What Parishes are Doing: Online Donations Programs

What are online donations?An online donation is a donation that an individual can make using the internet. It is a digital form directly embedded into a parish’s website. In a few minutes or less, anyone can set-up paperless planned monthly donations or make a...

How to Write a Parish Appeal Letter

How to Write a Parish Appeal Letter

Appeal letters are one of the most effective tools your parish can use to raise funds to support the ongoing needs of your parish as well as any special projects. Ensure your parish or district has at least one appeal letter per year. Doing so helps inform people,...



Church Maintenance and Improvement Grant

This grant provides funding to parishes whose responsibility it is to maintain their church buildings and property so as to provide the faithful a safe and accessible place in which to worship.


A Guide for Grant Writing

  • Before approaching a prospective Funder
  • Writing the grant proposal
  • Reporting to funders
Parish Fundrasing Plan-page-001

Annual Fundraising Plan Template

  • Fundraising team
  • Parish Mission
  • Fundraising Methods
  • Fundraising Schedule
  • Fundraising objectives and value statement
  • Fundraising conclusion

Raise More Money with Your Next Event

  • Choose an event theme that sets your charity apart from the rest.
  • Optimize your event page for increased ticket sales and attendance.
  • Persuade sponsors to support you with a pitch they can’t resist.
  • Create a realistic timeline for event to-do’s (examples included).
  • Nail your event logistics so you can hit the ground running.

Guide to Holiday Fundraising Success

  • Provide a simple framework for crafting your holiday plan
  • Provide tips for getting the overall message right
  • Identify the key stages of an effective holiday campaign
  • Offer complimentary campaigns ideas for increasing donations
  • Share expert tips for optimizing your emails, landing pages, and more!

Donations of Securities: Increase Your Charity’s Fundraising Revenue

  • What securities are and why they are important for charities and donors;
  • How you can develop a strategy and leverage key tactics;
  • The benefits to your donors;
  • Resources to help your outreach efforts; and,
  • How CanadaHelps simplifies donations of securities.

Growing Your Monthly Donors

  • Determining who your monthly giving prospects are
  • Building your monthly giving plan
  • Converting, retaining and upgrading your monthly donors
  • When to ask and how to ask