MOON LAKE – St. MICHAEL Parish – Парафія св. Архистратига Михаїла

This is one of the churches in the Carvel district: 30 km. south of Entwistle. In 1933 2 acres of land were acquired for the cemetery. In 1951 a building was purchased and transformed into a church (42’ x 24’). Ukrainian National Hall ( Народний Дім) was built in 1945 for $500.00. Church services were held monthly. In 1940 there were 20 members.

From 1936 the Basilian Fathers were taking turns visiting the faithful. From 1938 Fr. Juvenalis Slota, OSBM, was in charge of the mission, and Fr. Theodore Pryma, OSBM, in 1950. The Eparchial clergy who served the community: Fr. Peter Iwanec (1950), Fr. Peter Petryshyn (1951) and many other clergy. From 1983-1985 Fr. Bohdan Snihurowich looked after the needs of the parishioners.