Brukhovitsi/Lviv, Ukraine, 13/14 May 2013: The Working Group for the Strategic Development of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church for the period until 2020 under the leadership of Most Rev. Ken Nowakowski (Bishop of New Westminster, Canada) and Most Rev. Bohdan Dzyurakh (Secretary General of the Synod of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Bishops) held a working session in Brukhovitsi on 13 May.  The Working group is comprised of clergy and lay-faithful from Europe, North & South America and has the responsibility to assist the Ukrainian Catholic Bishops in implementing the pastoral plan  based on the Pastoral Letter of HIs Beatitude Sviatoslav, father and head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church  “The Vibrant Parish, the place to encounter the Living Christ!”

On May 14th the Working Group met with coordinators of each of the Archeparchies, Eparchies and Exarchates (Archdiocese, Diocese) of Ukraine to review the progress, and challenges of the last few months in Ukraine with regard to the Pastoral Plan.  The coordinators were also introduced to new documents produced by the Working Group to assist parish priests with pastoral planning and the administration of the parishes.

The members of the Working group also had an opportunity to celebrate the Divine Liturgy with clergy from the Sokal-Zhokva Ukrainian Greek Catholic Eparchy who were on their annual retreat.  The Liturgy was celebrated in Blessed Nykyta Budka Chapel.  Blessed Nykyta Budka was the first Ukrainian Catholic Bishop in Canada.