Third Annual Bishop’s Prayer Breakfast
Thursday, June 7, 2012 — 7:30 am — 9:00 am

Prayer for the Religious and Monastics

Lord our God, blessed are you who have invited Religious Communities into life of Sacred service of you, of the Church and of all the earth.

God of Abraham, Moses, Ruth and Esther and of all other holy people whom you have called to special life — tasks in your service, bless now our Religious Communities of Edmonton Eparchy, the Basilians, the Studites and the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate.

Сьогодні молимось за наших духовних монахів і монахинь, щоб Господь благословив і Св. Дух провадив, а Мати Божа опікувалася.

Let us pray for vocations and that the Spirit would inspire us with new visions for a strong church of the future.

Holy Spirit, true Light and Giver of light, you descended upon the apostles and invited them into a community that had one heart and soul.

Lord Jesus, we beseech you purify and enlighten our hearts with light of your truth, grant us wisdom and show us the path we are to follow. May we listen attentively to your word, and be responsive to the action of the Holy Spirit.

Help us to grow spiritually in love and holiness and continue to glorify the Triune God now and for ever. Amen.

Sister Esther Kurylo, SSMI

Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate