Mission Parishes


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ANDREW Mission
Located 32 km. north of Mundare with a Ukrainian population from the Province of Bukowyna in Ukraine. Fr. Athanasius Chimy, OSBM, was the first Ukrainian Catholic priest to have a service for 8 Ukrainian Catholic families on November 5 th, 1939. The closest church, 15 km. away, is the Parish in Krakow. In 1940 there were 25 children attending the catechism classes and Ukrainian language program.

Mission started in 1935 and closed in 1980. No more information.

Location: east of St. Paul. The information about the community is very scarce: Fr. Ambrose Wynnyk, OSBM, had a Divine Liturgy in the house of Ivan Ferents. On other occasions Fr. Ambrose Wynnyk and Fr. Joseph Senkiw conducted catechetical classes. On June 26, 1945 Fr. Ireneus Procenty, OSBM, celebrated the Divine Liturgy in the house of Ivan Ferents.
The community in the early days was Ukrainian Catholic. In 1911 it changed to Ukrainian Orthodox.


BERWYN Mission
Small group of faithful. The Basilian Fathers had services in private homes until 1940s’.
Location: 6.5 km. east and 13 km. south of the town of Colinton (south of Athabasca). Approx. 20 members in 1940. Services were held in the school, where there was a Ukrainian teacher. The cemetery is incorporated and fenced. The community was served in 1938- by Fr. Juvenalis Slota, OSBM.
Location: 25 km. North of Athabasca. There were approximately 25 Ukrainian Catholics in 1940. There was only one service during the year. Names known in the community: M. Kachorovsky, L. Shtokalko, Benida, etc. Mission closed around 1930.
EDSON Mission
1941: Approx. 10 families: some farmers and other workers. The first Basilian priest to visit the community was Fr. Basil Ladyka, followed by Fr. Epiphanius Teodorowich and Fr. Sophron Diakowich. The faithful from Wolf Creek also joined the community for the liturgical celebrations. The church was closed in 1990s’. In 2004 the church was sold with only 2 members left in the community.

First one to visit the faithful (12 families) in 1935 was Fr. Ambrose Wynnyk. From the beginning there were high hopes to establish a parish. In 1940 there were 4 services provided by the Basilian Fathers from Mundare.
Location: 27 km. south of Glendon. The first Divine Liturgy was held by Fr. Josaphat Tymochko, OSBM, in 1924 in the house of Mr. Shepeliavy. Later Fr. Ambrose Wynnyk, OSBM, blessed the 4 acre cemetery dedicating it to St. Nicholas. By establishing the mission center in Glendon, the faithful joined the Parish in Glendon town.

Good 400 km. north of Grimshaw. Very fertile land. 20 Ukrainian Catholic families. The Basilian Fathers could reach the place by plane or boat once or twice a year. There is a school and a cemetery.
In 1941, approximately 15 families were living 8 km. north of the town. They are all good people, although very poor. Basilian Fathers served 8 services a year in either private homes or in the school. There is a Parish cemetery close to the post office of Warrensville.
On the rail track to Fort Vermillion, approximately 200 km. away from the tracks. Basilian Fathers mentioned 10 very good Christian families and they provided them with services once or twice a year.

KINUS Mission
3 km. north of (?) there are 9 Ukrainian families. 4 services a year.

KODES Mission
Approximately 15 families in the vicinity. The people own the cemetery. 5 services a year.
MEDOV – Mission

MERCOAL – Mission
NAMPA – Mission
In 1941 there were approximately 12 families who had their own cemetery (blessed by Fr. Basil Kamenetsky, OSBM) and a lot for the church residence. There were 6 services a year. On June 9, 1941 Bishop Basil Ladyka made a visit to the community. This church community is no longer in service.

NEW WORLD – Mission
In 1941: Basilian Fathers used to visit the people 5 times a year. Many Ukrainian faithful, but very dispersed.
OWLSY – Mission
Location: 13 km. north-west of St. Paul. Most faithful came originally from Vilna, Stry and Spedden. First service by Fr. Epiphany Paschak, OSBM, on May 20, 1945 attending the wedding of Vasyl Shtyblia and Rozaliia Diachuk (service was held in the ROMAN CATHOLIC church in Cork. There is some information that 5 acres of land were acquired for the future church.
Originally there were 8 families. Fr. Juvenalij Slota and other Basilian Fathers were visiting the faithful, celebrating in the Roman Catholic Church.

An old school building was purchased in 1949 and transformed into a church (40’ x 24’) in the Carvel district . At the same time land (3 acres) for a cemetery was acquired. There were usually 15 faithful at the services. The services were held once a year with the graveside parastas.
SNAPE LAKE – Mission
Location: 65 km. south from the rail track in High Prairie. In 1941: approximately 30 families, some of them with communist coloring.
TIPI CREEK – Mission
In 1941 there were 12 families. Basilian Fathers visited them 5 times a year. Approximately 20 km. from the railroad.
WHITLEY – Mission
Ukrainian settlers were living 15 km. from the town in northern Alberta. In 1941 Basilian Fathers mention that there were many Ukrainians, although many of them were influenced by the communist ideology. Even though there was hope of building a church and own their cemetery, this did not come to fruition. The Fathers were serving the people several times a year.