GLENDON – ASSUMPTION of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish

GLENDON – ASSUMPTION of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish – Парафія Успіння Матері Божої  

First service in the area of Glendon was held in the house of Nicholas Hupalo, who invited Fr. Ireneus Procenty, OSBM, to do the Easter services. In 1939 Fr. Andrew Truch, OSBM, returning from Iron River, called a meeting of the faithful and it was decided to buy one acre of land in the town of Glendon for the church and one acre of land for the cemetery less than one km. apart. The church (50’ x 24’) was built in 1940 in the form of a cross with an iconostasis. The church community also built a priest’s residence (32’ x 28’) in 1945 and a hall (54’ x 28’) in 1952. The executive at that time was: V. Pshyk, I. Boychuk, I. Pshyk, S. Maliuta, I. Skrypichayko, P. Harmatiuk and N. Hupalo. The cantors (diaky) were: I. Yamniuk and V. Pshyk.

The Parish had active church affiliated organizations, like BUCC, UCWLC, UCYC and altar boys. There was one priestly vocation from the Parish: Fr. William Hupalo. The parish in Glendon, thanks to Fr. Dmytro Hna,t preserved the required liturgical traditions and services, like vespers (vechirnya) and matins (utrenya), for the longest time.

Basilian fathers who served the Parish were: Fr. George Zydan, Fr. Ireneus Procenty, Fr. Dionisius Dzygolyk (1936?-1938), Fr. Andrew Truch (1939), Fr. Epiphany Paschak (1941-1944), Fr. Ireneus Procenty (1945) and Fr. Marian Horishny (1948).

From 1949 the Eparchial clergy provided the services: Fr. Michael Hawryluk (1949), Fr. Michael Gural (1950-1955), Fr. George Maly (1956), Fr. Dmytro Hnat (1957-1982), Fr. Ivan Makuch (1983-1985), Fr. Joseph Royer (1986-1991), Fr. Austin Borynec (1992), Fr. Myron Pyszcz (1993-1996), Fr. Ron Hollohan (1997-1998), Fr. Roman Dobrianski (1993-2008), Fr. Mark Sych (2008- ).