About Mission Days:
By taking an active role in the spiritual efforts of these ten Mission Days, we are called to better understand that, by their very nature, our parish communities and families (domestic churches) have a missionary character. This missionary spirit is a consequence of the gift of our Baptism, by virtue of which we, as Christians, take upon ourselves the responsibility to believe, live, serve, and share the witness of our faith in Christ, not just among our family members, but with our neighbors, wherever we may live. Thus, the mission of our parish community is to allow our Lord to enter more deeply into our lives, and to carry the Good News beyond our own community, inviting others to partake in the Kingdom of God.

From Ascension to Pentecost, as a parish community we pray that the Lord might renew our life in God through the power and action of His Holy Spirit.

Lord our God, spread the light of Your Holy Gospel, that it may shine through us who are baptized, as children of the Light. Grant that the Christian faith may spread in our society, that we may bear witness to Your living presence in our lives and in our parish community; O Lord, hear us and have mercy.

O Holy Spirit, bestowing all: You send prophets, perfect priests, teach the uneducated wisdom, transform fishermen into theologians, and unite the entire church community. Consubstantial and co-reigning with the Father and the Son, O Comforter, glory be to You!



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