Christ Our Pascha: Catechism of the Ukrainian Catholic Church

568 On Meatfare Sunday, when the Gospel about the Divine Judgment is read (see Mt 25:31-46), the Church defines the aim of the coming Lenten fast: to recognize our sins, confess them, and perform works of mercy. On Cheesefare (or Forgiveness) Sunday the Church calls us to take the first step in repentance—mutual forgiveness. 
During the Lenten fast, Christians practice restraint in eating, but this 
is not an aim in itself, only a means to cleanse ourselves of passions: 
“If you refrain from eating but do not purify yourself of the passions, then your fasting is in vain, for it will not serve for correction. Rather, through insincerity the soul will become similar to the evil demons, who in fact never eat.”391

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