Christ Our Pascha: Catechism of the Ukrainian Catholic Church

764: Avarice is a passion for money and material goods. The Holy Fathers taught that love of wealth is not part of man’s innate nature, but appears as a distortion of man’s desire for eternal life. The passion for acquiring wealth, which takes possession of a person, makes one a slave to money. The acquisition of wealth becomes an end in itself and leads to various sins. Such a passion gives rise to the illusion of one’s self-sufficiency as we come to rely solely on material goods. Saint John Chrysostom teaches:

Wealth is not a bad thing, but avarice and love of money are. A covetous person is one thing, and a rich person is another thing. The covetous person is not rich; he is in want of many things, and while he needs many things, he can never be rich. The covetous man is a keeper, not a master, of wealth; a slave, not a lord.
Saint John Climacus regards avarice and greed as idolatry, since in such blindness a person places all his hopes in earthly goods.
self, taking the form of a slave, being born ian li
keness” (
2:6-7). Christ took on the “form of a servant,” without the stain of sin,
“increasing the human and not diminishing the divine.”
In the union
of the divine and the human, “the incorporeal one takes on flesh, the
Word becomes approachable, the invisible one is seen, the impalpable
one is touched, the one beyond time enters into time, the Son of God
becomes the Son of Man.”

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