Evangelize 2021

How our Eparchy plans to share the Good News to a new audience of Catholics. 

Back the Bishop’s 2021 Priorities! 

Priority #1: Parish Hub

Our Eparchy is working to strengthen our parishes. 2021 will have a new focus on parish communications with increased training, resources, and a focus on outreach. 

Priority #2: Lay Leadership Program

It’s the leaders in our communities that make our parishes vibrant. We intend to partner with Newman Theological College to help find and strengthen the leaders in our parishes.

Priority #3: Image to Likeness

Our children are the future of our Eparchy. Developing an educational program specifically geared towards our Ukrainian Catholic Faith will help strengthen and develop the faith in our youth.

Raised For Evangelize 2021

Raised for Seminarians

Aid to Church in Canada

View our Five Year Report on our Evangelization Fund, an initiative only made possible through our community!

Can you help us lead more to Christ?

100% of your donation will be put towards Evangelize 2021, an initiative by the Edmonton Eparchy to expand our outreach like never before. This is how your generosity will directly impact your community:
👉 Bishop’s 2021 Priorities
👉 An Eparchial Wide Evangelization Campaign
👉 Developing our Social Mission to care for the vulnerable
👉 Furthering our successful Evangelization Fund
Monthly supporters will receive update letters from Bishop David on how our Evangelize 2021 Plan is progressing. 

Non-Financial Ways to Support Evangelize 2021

You can help us further our mission in numerous ways! You can help support Evangelize 2021 by: 

👉 Volunteering at your local homeless shelter 
👉 Joining our Social Mission Commission 
👉 Becoming a Youth Minister in your Parish 
👉 Start a Parish Welcoming Committee 
👉 Join your Parish Council  
We’ll be releasing more information on new volunteer opportunities in 2021! 

Current Accomplishments of Evangelize 2021 

What we have accomplished so far a part of Evangelize 2021… 

We want YOUR input!

Send us ideas on how we can lead more people to Christ this 2021! 

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