For Ukrainian Catholic churches in Alberta seeking financial support to fund their initiatives and community programs, grants can be a valuable resource. However, navigating the grant landscape and finding suitable opportunities can be a daunting task with few options available. Fortunately, there are several avenues and resources where Albertan non-profits, including churches, can learn more about grants available to them. In this blog post, we will explore these areas and provide insights to help churches access valuable grant information.


1. Government Websites

Government agencies, both at the federal and provincial levels, offer grants and funding programs for non-profits, including churches. The Alberta government’s official website ( features a dedicated “Grants” or “Funding” section. Here, you can find information about various grant programs, eligibility criteria, and application procedures. 


2. Non-profit learning centre

The Alberta non-profit learning centre provides resources on important concepts in governance of non-profits to support their role in the delivery of their programs and services in their communities.

These learning resources are intended to:

– empower non-profits, their board members and volunteers through training
– provide educational and training support in governance of non-profits
– make it easier to find and access various types of resources that meet the specific needs of individual learners

They have a great lineup of live free webinars in the areas of non-profit board development, governance, grant writing, and many more:

– Strategic Thinking, then Strategic Planning
– The Role of the Board Treasurer
– The Role of the Board Chair
– The Role of the Board Secretary
– Board Development Program
– Understanding Your Legal Landscape Webinar
– Board Roles and Responsibilities
– Legal Responsibilities
– Organizational Purpose and Planning
– Financial Responsibilities
– Risk Management
– Committees and Meetings
– Building Strong Teams and Effective Relationships
– Grant Writing 101

To see general information about our webinars, please visit


3. Alberta Nonprofit Network (ABNN)

The Alberta Nonprofit Network (ABNN) is a valuable resource for non-profit organizations in the province. They provide information, training, and resources related to grant opportunities and grant writing. Visit their website or attend their events to stay updated on available grants and gain valuable insights.


4. Funding Databases

Explore online funding databases like Grant Connect, which provide comprehensive information on grant opportunities across Canada. These databases can help you search for grants relevant to your church’s mission and projects.


5. Non-Profit Associations

Non-profit associations like the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO) and the Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (ECVO) serve as hubs for non-profits in Alberta. They offer resources, workshops, and networking opportunities that can include information on grants and funding sources. Many communities in Alberta have community foundations that offer grants to local organizations, including churches and faith-based groups. These foundations are deeply rooted in their communities and often have specific grant programs designed to address local needs. Reach out to your local community foundation to inquire about available grants and their application processes.


6. Church Maintenance and Improvement Grant

This grant by the Eparchy of Edmonton provides funding to parishes whose responsibility it is to maintain their church buildings and property so as to provide the faithful a safe and accessible place in which to worship. Apply here.


Grant opportunities can be valuable resources for Alberta churches to fund their projects and initiatives. By exploring the avenues mentioned above and staying proactive in your grant-seeking efforts, your church can access the financial support needed to make a positive impact on your congregation and the broader community.