On June 6, 2022, the Eparchy of Edmonton announced the development of a new free-to-download Ukrainian Catholic faith-based app. After running a survey in January 2022, the Eparchy received results from across Canada and other countries. After hearing feedback, they discovered there was a very strong interest in developing a unique Ukrainian Catholic app and started the development in May 2022. 


As we approach the first round of testing with those who volunteered to contribute to the development of the iPraises app, we are happy to announce a new feature that will be a focus of the app. 

The iPraises team has developed the ability to have a liturgical year calendar featured in the app, which will include important information for each day of the year. The team is working to improve and add as much information pertaining to the liturgical year as possible. 


There also will be the ability to add your own events to the calendar to customize it to you own personal preferences. You can add your parish feast day, your wedding anniversary, your baptism, your name day, and any other important faith event in your life. 


Another feature the app will have is “iPraise Tips”. These tips are meant to speak directly to people new to our faith and new to the app. These tips will give introductory explanations to each feature of the app, to ensure that everyone can develop their knowledge of their faith no matter what stage of their journey they are on. 


Some iPraise tips include information explaining what a liturgical calendar is, how to start a life of prayer, and understanding confession. All of this information is geared to evangelize and educate those new to our vibrant Ukrainian Catholic faith.  

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The team estimates the app will officially launch in December 2022. For individuals who wish to contribute to the development and submit feedback, early access will be granted to download the app before the official launch date.  To view survey results, sign up for early access, and learn more about the app project, visit the Eparchy of Edmonton’s webpage here