On June 6, 2022, the Eparchy of Edmonton announced the development of a new free-to-download Ukrainian Catholic faith-based app. After running a survey in January 2022, the Eparchy received results from across Canada and other countries. After hearing feedback, they discovered there was a very strong interest in developing a unique Ukrainian Catholic app and started the development in May 2022. 

With the content team including Fr. Michael Winn and Deacon Cyril Kennedy helping advance the app, the iPraise’s team has been making significant additions to the content of the Ukrainian Catholic app. The app team, now led by the Eparchy of Edmonton’s marketing assistant, Natalia Hotsaliuk, has advanced into the design phase of the app. The app is progressing slightly ahead of schedule with the design of the app offically commencing in the month of July. 

The iPraises team released a photo of one of the many key features of the app, the ability to listen to audio. One aspect of the app will include both English and Ukrainian audio, the ability to save audio under a favourite section, and a brief faith-based lesson on what exactly the audio is for the listener to further their understanding of our Ukrainian Catholic faith.

The objective of the iPraises app is to help the Ukrainian Catholic faithful find peace in prayer. This will be achieved in numerous different ways with iPraises. Another important key component of the app would be the availability of the Liturgical Calendar and further resources to help individuals be welcomed into our church or further their understanding of our Ukrainian Catholic faith. 

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The team estimates the app will officially launch in December 2022. For individuals who wish to contribute to the development and submit feedback, early access will be granted to download the app before the official launch date.  To view survey results, sign up for early access, and learn more about the app project, visit the Eparchy of Edmonton’s webpage here