The faithful of the Eparchy of Edmonton are preparing to welcome these families and help settle them and establish them into the community. Although each parish may have different means of providing support, we all can do something. Eparchial parishes and eparchial organizations undertaking projects and initiatives to support Ukrainian families and individuals who are fleeing the war in Ukraine may apply for a grant of up to $10,000 for their project. 

Grant Funding and Projects

Through the generous donations of our parishioners, friends, various organizations, and businesses, $200,000 of the total amounts collected for Humanitarian Aid has been set aside by Bishop David to help the families fleeing Ukrainian and temporarily settling in Alberta. Project ideas include:

  • Host an event for the newcomers (brunch after church etc. where their meals would be paid)
  • “Meet and greet coffee and play events” where the new families can meet on say a weekly basis (with members of the parish community) to talk share stories while children play
  • City orientation tours
  • Day camps for children
  • Overnight camps (specifically Camp St. Basils and Camp Oselia)
  • English lesson classes
  • Spiritual and psychological counseling
  • Medical, dental, optical expenses
  • Welcome basket with essential goods
  • Purchase of groceries and other essentials with the family (no gift cards or cash)
  • Purchase of school supplies and backpacks
  • Provide for a “free store” that has donated clothing, toys and personal items available.


Grant funds are available for Ukrainian nationals (families and individuals) who are coming to Canada to flee war, some under the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET).


Ineligibility of funding

Funds from this grant program cannot be used for the following:

  • expenses for persons who arrived in Canada prior to the Russian Invasion (February 24, 2022),
  • expenses that may directly benefit parishes/parishioners (i.e. funds would not be available for capital repairs or purchase of furniture and other large items that will remain the property of someone established in Canada); or to pay for meals and other personal expenses for persons not considered Ukrainian Nationals
  • funds cannot be used to give cash or gift cards. Under the CRA charities cash (including gift cards that are considered cash equivalents) cannot be given to individuals.