As part of the Vibrant Parish Program of the Ukrainian Catholic Church which began in 2011, the Mission Days Guidebooks were produced over three years. These Guidebooks are meant to be a guide for the faithful through the ten days from the Ascension of our Lord to the Descent of the Holy Spirit in a prayerful journey of discovery. These ten Mission Days are intended to help us discover and understand anew that our parish communities and families (domestic churches) are missionary in nature.

From the feast of the Ascension (May 13) to Pentecost (May 23), together with our entire parish community, or in our own domestic churches we are encouraged to read and pray with these Guidebooks opening our hearts so that the Lord might renew our life in God by the grace and intercession of the Holy Spirit.

Reflection Books From the Vibrant Parish 2017

Reflection Books From the Vibrant Parish 2016

Reflection Books From the Vibrant Parish 2015