MANNVILLE – HOLY EUCHARIST Parish – Парафія Пресвятої Євхаристії

The Parish is located 185 km. East of Edmonton on Highway 16 in the town of Mannville. The two church lots were purchased on March 25, 1954 for $200.00. Fr. Bohdan Hanushewsky celebrated the first Divine Liturgy in the Roman Catholic Church of St. Joseph in 1954. The idea of building a church was presented by Kaspro Dziubatyi. The individuals and their families who donated their time in a special way were: Kaspro Dziubatyi, Daniel Konasevych, Nykola Babiy, Yosef Skish, Dmytro Voy, Petro Grabas and others. In December of 1955 the faithful purchased the “ Crayton School” building for $400.00 and by next year the first services were held in the adapted structure. In 1972 there were 22 families.

In the early days of the Parish the Basilian Fathers provided the spiritual assistance from 1944-1949 (Fr. Andrew Truch, Fr. Victor Soroka, Fr. Benedict Siutyk and Fr. Vital Pidskalny).

Later the following Eparchial clergy served the parishioners: Fr. Bohdan Hanushewsky (1950-1954, in between Fr. Yaroslaw Fedunyk (1953-1954), Fr. Roman Starodub (1955-1987), Fr. Benny Ambrose (1988-1995), Fr. Ron Hollohan (1996), Deacon Michael Schaplowsky (1997-2000), Fr. Slavko Dumec (2000-2008).

The parish was closed on June 28, 2008, with Bishop David Motiuk presiding at the closing Divine Liturgy.