St. Sophia Parish graciously hosted the enchanting “Table for Two” event this year, providing couples with a truly memorable experience. The evening was nothing short of magical, with love filling the air and creating a beautiful ambiance.

Attendees were delighted by a surprise appearance from Bishop David, who shared insightful words on the significance of welcoming Christ into the heart of marital relationships. His brief yet impactful message resonated deeply with the couples present, reinforcing the importance of faith in their unions.

Heartfelt gratitude is extended to all the couples who participated in this special occasion, embracing the opportunity to focus on each other and their shared spiritual journey. Amidst the romantic setting, they indulged in a sumptuous three-course meal meticulously crafted by chef Teresa and her assistant, Hanya, adding to the evening’s allure.

As the event drew to a close, blessings were bestowed upon all the couples, with hopes for continued happiness and strength in their marriages. The success of this year’s “Table for Two” leaves eager anticipation for the next gathering, scheduled for February 9, 2025.

For adults, whether dating or married, “Table for Two” remains a must-attend event. Held this year at St. Sophia’s Parish Hall, this enchanting candlelit dinner offers couples a rare opportunity to deepen their connection in a romantic atmosphere. Each course is thoughtfully paired with conversation starters, fostering meaningful discussions and enriching the bond between partners.

In addition to savoring delectable cuisine and engaging in heartfelt conversations, attendees have the chance to glean insights from a guest couple’s testimony on sacramental marriage. It’s an evening designed to nourish both the body and the soul, providing couples with cherished memories and renewed inspiration for their journey together.