The Three Temptations of Christ

An Eparchial Lenten Series

In Scripture, we read the account of Jesus retreating to the desert to pray and to fast.  There he is tempted by Satan three times and three times he refuses to accept what Satan has to offer.  In our sessions, we will examine each of these three temptations to discover their meaning and how we may see ourselves in moments of temptation throughout our lives. We will also explore what spiritual strength we may gain from the example of Jesus. Sessions will consist of a presentation and will conclude with prayer.

Join us on Thursdays 7:00 – 8:30 pm.

March 7 – Physical Temptations – Presenter: Fr. Mark Bayrock

The FIRST Temptation gives us a glimpse into that inner world we all struggle with: hunger, helplessness, and holding on to what we believe. This presentation will draw from sources both medieval and modern looking to recognize the reality of addictions and spirituality, but especially to admire the person of Jesus Christ in all things!

March 14 – Testing God – Presenter: Fr. Jim Nakonechny
“What does it mean to test God? Have you ever tested God? Have you ever had doubts?” I am sure many of us have, but God desires for us to have confidence in our faith and in His promises to us. Fr. Jim will explore ways that we can strengthen our faith and trust in God.

March 21 – Pride and Power – Presenter: Fr. Mike Bombak
Fr. Mike will discuss the increasing nature of temptation and spiritual combat and he will explore some tools in responding to Pride from the Eastern Christian Tradition.


LOCATION: Exaltation of the Holy Cross Parish Hall, 9003 – 153 Ave, Edmonton. You are encouraged to attend in person and are welcome to attend any or all of the sessions. No registration is necessary.  If you cannot be there in person you may attend on Zoom: