In today’s fast-paced world, the Ukrainian Catholic family faces unique challenges in raising and educating their children. Rooted in Christian upbringing, education, and schooling, this blog post explores the roles of parents, the state, and the Church in nurturing faith and values within the family unit. It emphasizes the importance of reading Holy Scripture and spiritual literature, providing guidance for Christian families seeking to pass on their faith to the next generation.


The Family as the Primary Environment

The Ukrainian Catholic family is not only the most important environment for receiving the gift of new life, but it is also the primary sphere of its development. Parents are not just the primary educators of their children; they have both a right and a duty to raise their children in a Christian manner. This responsibility is sacred and should be fulfilled effectively to pass on the treasure of faith to the next generation.


The Role of Society and the State

Society and the state play crucial roles in supporting parents in fulfilling their responsibilities. Following the principle of subsidiarity, they should assist parents in their parental duties but not replace them. The state should create conditions for education and schooling in alignment with parents’ wishes, allowing Ukrainian Catholic families to send their children to schools that can guarantee an education in a Christian spirit.

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The Church’s Educational Mission

The Church, as Mother and Teacher, has a significant role in the education of children. The liturgical life, catechesis, and the Word of God are essential tools for nurturing the faith within the family. The Church has established Catholic schools from preschool to university to ensure that each new generation grows in Christian and civic consciousness, capable of positively impacting the culture they live in.


Reading Holy Scripture and Spiritual Literature

Daily reading of Scripture, particularly the New Testament, is crucial for Ukrainian Catholic families. It should be organically connected to the practice of daily prayers. In prayer, we address God, and through Holy Scripture, God speaks to us. The Word of God guides parents in raising their children and encourages children to respect their parents.

Spiritual literature, such as the Lives of the Saints and the works of the Church Fathers, enhances spiritual growth in the grace of the Holy Spirit. By reading spiritual literature, one gains insights into repentance and conversion, the difficult path of ascesis, and the struggle with passions.


The Lives of the Saints: A Source of Inspiration

The Lives of the Saints are an accessible and beneficial source of inspiration for family reading. These saints faced various life situations, resolved them because of the sanctity of their lives, and cooperated with God’s grace. The principal aim of the family community is to foster every family member’s growth in sanctity, much like the saints.


Expanding the Spiritual Horizon

Apart from religious literature, the spiritual life of the domestic church can be nurtured through various modern mediums. This includes religious films, television programs, religious websites, radio programs, and Ukrainian Catholic magazines. These resources not only help families discover eternal spiritual treasures but also enable them to draw from authentic spiritual and cultural sources, counteracting simplistic and erroneous views of family, society, and the human person.

In conclusion, the Ukrainian Catholic family plays a central role in nurturing faith and values in children. While parents are the primary educators, society, the state, and the Church all contribute to this essential task. Reading Holy Scripture and spiritual literature enriches the family’s spiritual life, and by embracing modern mediums, the family can continue to draw from the rich well of Christian wisdom and tradition, passing it on to the generations to come.