In a world driven by technology, it’s no surprise that the digital realm has become a powerful tool for connecting communities, sharing information, and fostering spiritual growth. Embracing this notion, the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton embarked on a journey to develop a unique mobile application tailored specifically for Ukrainian Catholics in Canada and around the world. 

A Vision for Digital Faith – January 2022

In January 2022, the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton took a significant step forward by sending out a survey to Ukrainian Catholics across Canada. The survey aimed to gauge interest in a dedicated Ukrainian Catholic app and understand the specific needs of the community. The response was overwhelming, with participants expressing a strong desire for a digital platform that would enhance their faith experience and provide easy access to resources, prayers, and community engagement.

Igniting Development – May 2022

In May 2022, the Eparchy of Edmonton officially commenced the development of iPraises, bringing together a team of passionate developers, designers, and spiritual advisors. Their collective goal was to create a feature-rich, user-friendly app that would serve as a hub for Ukrainian Catholics to deepen their spirituality and stay connected to their faith which officially launched the first rendition of the app in May 2023. 

Beta Launch – May 2023

iPraises has now entered the beta phase and is ready to be put to the test. This momentous occasion marks a significant milestone in the journey towards realizing the vision of a dedicated Ukrainian Catholic app. The beta launch allows a group of users to explore the app’s functionalities, provide invaluable feedback, and actively contribute to its refinement.

Official Launch – August 2023

In August 2023, iPraises was introduced as an app shaped by user input and data insights. By carefully considering feedback and analyzing analytics, we made the strategic decision to centre the app around its key feature, the Liturgical Year calendar. This choice resonated with users seeking a faith-centered experience. While there will be occasional updates down the line, the bulk of necessary adjustments have been made upfront. This approach ensures that future enhancements will be streamlined, maintaining a user-focused and efficient app experience.