A year ago, the lives of Ukrainians across the world changed forever.

This solemn day marks one year of russia’s devastating full-scale invasion of Ukraine. A reminder that the fight is not over yet, and regardless of what city we’re in — our strength is in our unity. Unbreakable Ukraine: United We Stand (Edmonton Rally) coordinated by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Alberta Provincial Council was held at the Alberta Legislature grounds.

Marking 365 days of russian aggression, photos from Unbreakable Ukraine: United We Stand Edmonton Rally at the Alberta Legislature. The icon (Our Lady of Protection) had been created in Ukraine on wood from ammunition boxes. It arrived in Edmonton and will be toured to different churches and schools.

Покрова – The Protection of Our Most Holy Lady, the Theotokos

Information kindly provided by Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Foundation

The Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Foundation (UCCLF) has been honouring the Ukrainian Canadian men and women who served Canada during the Second World War.  This project is titled Heroes of Their Day.  The honorary patron of the Heroes of Their Day project is Lieutenant-General (Ret’d) Paul Wynnyk.  The first phase of this project was to install a stained-glass window at St. James’s Parish, in London, England.  It was in that Church’s vicarage that the Ukrainian Canadian Servicemen’s Association was set up during the Second World War.  The stained-glass window was installed in 2020.


The second phase of Heroes of Their Day project is to commemorate the Ukrainian

Canadian veterans in a most unique and evocative way:  by way of an icon of the Mother of God watching over servicemen and servicewomen.  It is especially appropriate, since the Покрова image – The Protection of Our Most Holy Lady, the Theotokos – has historically been venerated by those praying for the safety of those serving in the defence of our country.  This commissioned icon will be installed in the in the Cathedrals of both the Ukrainian Catholic and Ukrainian Orthodox Churches across Canada.  The two Metropolitan Cathedrals in Winnipeg will be the first in Canada to receive the icon.  The two icons will be formally unveiled in the Metropolitan Cathedrals in November 2022. The project has been funded in part by the Veterans Affairs Canada Commemorative Partnership Program.


The acclaimed iconographer, Oleksandr Klymenko of Kyiv, was selected to create these icons.  As with all of his icon work, Mr. Klymenko wrote these icons on ammunition boxes sourced from Ukraine in its defence against Russia.  


For more information, please contact UCCLF at info@ucclf.ca