31 Sunday after Pentecost, Tone 7. Our Venerable Fathers Paul of Thebes (312-37) and John the Hut-Dweller (465-74) Matins Resurrectional Gospel 10.

Great Vespers, Sunday Matins and Divine Liturgy


Kathisma Reading: “Blessed is the man…” is sung.

At Psalm 140, In Tone 7

Lead my soul forth from prison* that I may give thanks to Your name.

Come, let us rejoice in the Lord,* who destroyed the power of death* and enlightened the human race;* and let us cry out with the angels:* Glory to You, our Creator and Saviour!

The just shall gather around me* when You have been good to me.

O Saviour, for our sake You suffered crucifixion and burial;* and, as God, You destroyed death by Your death.* Therefore, we adore Your resurrection on the third day* and we sing: Glory to You, O Lord!

Out of the depths I cry to You, O Lord;* O Lord, hear my voice!

On seeing the resurrection of the Creator,* the apostles were amazed,* and they sang an angelic hymn of praise:* This is the glory of the Church,* this is the richness of the Kingdom!* O Lord, who suffered for our sake, glory to You!

Let Your ears be attentive* to the voice of my prayer.

O Christ, although You were taken captive by Your enemies,* I still acknowledge You as my God,* and am not ashamed of You;* I will not hide the fact that You were nailed to the Cross.* Your death is my life, almighty Lord,* and I extol Your resurrection.* O Lover of mankind, glory to You!

In Tone 2

If You mark iniquities, Lord, who can stand?* But with You forgiveness is that You may be revered.

When by divine inspiration you wisely left the cares of life* and set out on the labours of asceticism,* you went out with joy into the inaccessible wilderness,* inflamed with love of the Lord.* Having overcome the passions,* you lived like an angel by your perseverance in the good, O holy father.

I have waited for You as You have commanded; my soul patiently relies on Your promise,* for it has trusted in the Lord.

Having renounced all human companionship from your youth, O holy father,* you were the first to seek the absolute solitude of the wilderness.* You surpassed all hermits, O holy Paul,* remaining unknown throughout your whole life.* But at the command of God, Anthony found you like a hidden treasure* and made you known throughout the world.

From the morning watch until night* let Israel trust in the Lord.

O holy Paul, as you lived your earthly life,* you dwelt with the wild beasts* and were served by a bird at the command of God.* Seeing this when he found you,* Anthony the Great was filled with amazement,* and he ceaselessly magnified the divine Providence of the Master of all.

For with the Lord there is mercy, and with Him there is plentiful redemption;* and He shall redeem Israel from all its iniquities.

O blessed Father, when by divine inspiration* you joyfully fled from the pleasures of this world,* you renounced the broad way and chose the narrow, straight, and rugged road.* You went into a spiritual refuge where you put on the divine habit,* denying yourself and stripping yourself of all passions.

Praise the Lord, all the nations;* proclaim His glory, all you people.

You conceived the amazing plan of your life,* your wondrous behaviour, in your love for Christ,* whose ineffable poverty you cherished.* Without a home, living before the threshold of your parents* you endured need and tribulations.* But you were filled with divine graces and you inherited heaven* and the treasure which no one can ever take away.

Strong is the love of the Lord for us;* eternally will His truth endure.

Having the Holy Gospel before you, O father John,* you fulfilled It when you renounced your family inheritance* and spent your whole life in hardship and repentance.* Thus you now rejoice, O venerable father, since God has glorified you* with divine consolation and endless happiness.

In Tone 2, Glory…

Renouncing the world and all it contains, O venerable father,* you took up the Gospel of Christ and lived it completely.* In the hut where you dwelt as though in a mystic paradise,* treating your body with the utmost severity,* you put to death the murderous dragon.* Now you dwell in heaven, O holy John:* ask great mercy for us.

In Tone 7, Now…

Immaculate Mother of God,* you became a mother outside the laws of nature,* remaining a virgin in a way that exceeds all description* and human understanding.* The wonder of your birth-giving could not be told in human language,* for your conception of Christ blinded intelligence,* and your birth-giving exceeded understanding:* for whenever God so desires, the laws of nature are broken.* Wherefore, we all firmly believe that you are the Mother of God,* and we eagerly beseech you to intercede for the salvation of our souls.

Aposticha, In Tone 7

O Saviour of the world, You arose from the grave,* and together with Your own flesh You raised up mankind.* O Lord, glory to You!

The Lord reigns, He is clothed in majesty. Robed is the Lord, and girt about with strength.

Come, let us worship Christ who arose from the dead* and enlightened all creation.* For by His resurrection on the third day,* He set us free from the oppression of Hades,* granting us life and His great mercy.

For He has made the world firm, which shall not be moved.

O Christ, Lover of mankind,* You descended into Hades and destroyed death.* Then You arose on the third day;* and, together with Yourself You lifted up all of us* who glorify Your mighty resurrection.

Holiness befits Your house, O Lord, for length of days.

O Lord, what a fearful sight it was to see You lying in the tomb as if asleep.* Yet on the third day You arose in great power,* and at the same time You raised up Adam who joyfully cried out:* Glory to Your resurrection, O Lover of mankind!

Glory… Now…

All of us on earth hasten to take refuge in you, O Lady;* and we cry out to you:* O Mother of God, you are the only hope for us;* deliver us from our countless sins, and save our souls.

Troparia, In Tone 7

By Your cross You destroyed death;* You opened Paradise to the thief;* You changed the lamentation of the myrrh-bearers to joy,* and charged the apostles to proclaim* that You are risen, O Christ our God,* offering great mercy to the world.

In Tone 4

God of our fathers, You always treat us fairly.* Deprive us not of Your mercy,* but by their prayers direct our lives in peace.

In Tone 4, Glory…

Since your early youth, you have longed with fervour for the things of the Lord:* leaving the world and its pleasures, you became an example of the monastic life.* John most blessed, you built your hut at the door of your parents’ house* and overcame the devil’s guiles.* Wherefore Christ Himself has glorified you as you deserve.


O Mother of God, the mystery hidden from all eternity* and unknown even to the angels,* was revealed through you to those on earth:* God took on our human nature* and united it to His divine nature in a perfect but unconfused union.* Then, He willingly accepted the cross for our sake* and thereby raised again the first created man,*and saved our souls from death.



Usual Beginning


Great Litany

God the Lord, Tone 7

Troparia, Tone 7

In Tone 7

By Your cross You destroyed death;* You opened Paradise to the thief;* You changed the lamentation of the myrrh-bearers to joy,* and charged the apostles to proclaim* that You are risen, O Christ our God,* offering great mercy to the world. (2)

In Tone 4

God of our fathers, You always treat us fairly.* Deprive us not of Your mercy,* but by their prayers direct our lives in peace.

In Tone 4, Glory…

Since your early youth, you have longed with fervour for the things of the Lord:* leaving the world and its pleasures, you became an example of the monastic life.* John most blessed, you built your hut at the door of your parents’ house* and overcame the devil’s guiles.* Wherefore Christ Himself has glorified you as you deserve.


O Mother of God, the mystery hidden from all eternity* and unknown even to the angels,* was revealed through you to those on earth:* God took on our human nature* and united it to His divine nature in a perfect but unconfused union.* Then, He willingly accepted the cross for our sake* and thereby raised again the first created man,*and saved our souls from death.

Psalter Reading

Stasis I: Psalms 9, 10
Stasis II: Psalms 11, 12, 13
Stasis III: Psalms 14, 15, 16

Small Litany; Sessional Hymn I, Tone 7

When Life was laying in the tomb* and a seal laid upon the stone,* the soldiers guarded Christ as a sleeping King* and the Angels glorified Him as immortal God;* while the women cried aloud:* The Lord is risen, granting the world great mercy.

Arise, O Lord my God, let Your hands be lifted on high;* forget not Your poor to the end.

By Your burial for three days You despoiled death,* and by Your life-bearing Arising* You raised corrupted mankind, O Christ Lord,* as the Lover of mankind. Glory be to You!

Glory… Now…

O Virgin Theotokos unceasingly entreat Christ our God,* who was crucified for us* and arose again destroying the dominion of death,* that He save our souls.

Psalter Reading

Stasis I: Psalm 17
Stasis II: Psalms 18, 19, 20
Stasis III: Psalms 21, 22, 23

Small Litany; Sessional Hymn II, Tone 7

While the grave was sealed, O Christ God,* You, the Life, shone forth from the tomb;* and while the doors were shut, You, the Resurrection of all,* appeared to Your Disciples,* and through them renewed a right Spirit within us,* according to Your great mercy.

I will confess You, O Lord, with my whole heart,* I will tell of all Your wonders.

Bringing sweet spices with their tears, the women ran to the tomb,* and while the soldiers guarded You, the King of all,* they spoke one to another:* Who will roll away the stone for us?* The Angel of great Counsel has risen, trampling down death.* O All-powerful Lord, glory be to You!

Glory… Now…

Rejoice Virgin Theotokos, full of grace,* haven and protection of the race of mankind,* for from you the Redeemer of the world has taken flesh,* for you alone are a Mother and Virgin,* ever blessed and exceedingly glorified;* intercede with Christ God to grant peace to all the world.

Polyeleos; Evlogitaria; Small Litany; Hypakoe, Tone 7

O Christ God, who took upon Yourself our form* and endured the Cross in the body,* save me by Your Resurrection,* as You alone love mankind.

Hymn of Ascent, Tone 7

Antiphon 1

Having turned back the captivity of Sion from error,* quicken me also O Saviour,* and deliver me from slavery to the passions.

He who sows tribulations in the south with tears of fasting,* will reap with joy the sheaves of nourishment* of eternal life.

Glory… Now…

In the Holy Spirit is the source of divine treasures,* from Him comes wisdom, intelligence, and fear;* and to Him belongs* praise, glory, honour and worship.

Antiphon 2

Unless the Lord builds the house of the soul,* in vain do we labour;* for without Him no deed or word can be perfected.

Of the fruit of the womb the Saints,* moved by the Spirit,* sprout forth the Father’s teachings of filial adoption.

Glory… Now…

By the Holy Spirit all things have their being;* in the presence of all He is God,* the sovereign of the universe,* Light unapproachable, Life of all.

Antiphon 3

Those who fear the Lord and find the ways of life,* now and always are blessed* with immortal glory.

As you behold your offspring like shoots around your table,* rejoice, and be glad, bringing them to Christ* the Chief Shepherd of all.

Glory… Now…

In the Holy Spirit there be an abundance of grace,* riches of glory and a great depth of judgments;* for He is to be served as identical in glory and honour* with the Father and the Son.

Prokeimenon, Tone 7

Arise then, Lord,* lift up Your hand.* O God, do not forget the poor!

verse: I will praise You, Lord, with all my heart; I will recount all Your wonders.

Let everything that lives, Tone 7; Gospel: John 21:1-14; Hymn of Resurrection; Psalm 50; Verses at Psalm 50

Canon, Tone 7

Ode 1

Irmos: At a sign from you, O Lord, the nature of water was changed,* once free and flowing now it became as a wall, hard as the earth;* thus Israel walked dryshod* and sang you a song of victory.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

When you were condemned to an unjust death, O Lord, then the tyranny of death was judged by a tree; the prince of darkness could not prevail against you and was justly cast out.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

Hell approached you with teeth which lacked the strength to crush your body and broke his jaws. Thus, O Saviour, you loosed the pains of death and on the third day rose again.

Glory… Now…

The pains of Eve, first mother, are undone, for your child-bearing was without pain, without knowledge of man. Therefore, All-pure, clearly seeing you to be the Mother of God, we give you glory.


Ode 3

Irmos: Lord and Saviour, who in the beginning* established the heavens and every power of them,* by your almighty Word and the divine and all-effecting Spirit:* establish me firmly on the immovable rock of confession of you.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

Of your own will for our sake ascending the cross to suffer the pain, O Saviour compassionate, you bear the stripes which are the cause of salvation and peace for all believers. Through it, O Merciful, we are all reconciled to your Father.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

You cleansed me, wounded in soul by the serpent’s bite, O Christ, and showed me light when long ago I lay in darkness and corruption. For, by your cross, you came down into Hell and raised me up with yourself.

Glory… Now…

By the prayers of your Mother who knew no man, O Saviour, grant peace to your world, give victory over his enemies to the king; and make those who praise you worthy of your ineffable glory.


Ode 4

Irmos: Leaving not the deep recesses of the Father,* yet you came to earth, Christ God;* I have heard of the mystery of your dispensation* and I glorify you, Lover of man.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

He who was made flesh of the Virgin gave his own back to the scourging, the innocent Master was maltreated for the sinning servant and annulled the charges against me.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

The Maker of man, judging as God the whole earth in righteousness, stands before the seat of lawless judges as one called to account and convicted, and is struck by an earthly hand.

Glory… Now…

All-blameless One, as truly Mother of God entreat your Son and Maker to guide me to the safe harbour of his glorious will.


Ode 5

Irmos: Night is without light to unbelievers, O Christ,* but to the faithful it is enlightenment in the delight of your divine words.* And so I rise early to you* and praise your Godhead.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

O Christ, you are sold on behalf of your servants, you endure the scourging, bringing freedom to those who sing to you; early I rise to you and sing the praises of your divinity.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

By your divine power, O Christ, by means of the weakness of the flesh, you have overthrown the strong one, and through your resurrection, O Saviour, you have revealed me as a conqueror of death.

Glory… Now…

Pure Mother, all-praised, fittingly you brought forth God, made flesh of you, for without knowledge of man but by the Holy Spirit you conceived.


Ode 6

Irmos: Sick on the rolling swell of the cares of this life,* thrown overboard by the sins that sail with me* and hurled to the soul-destroying beast,* as Jonah I cry to you:* O Christ, lead me up* from these death-dealing deeps.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

The souls of the righteous imprisoned in Hell and forsaken had remembered you and were praying for your salvation; and you granted it, Christ, through your cross when you, the Compassionate, went down to the deepest parts of the earth.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

The band of the apostles despaired of seeing you again, the living temple not made with human hands and destroyed by all that befell it. But worshipping beyond all hope, they everywhere proclaimed you risen from the dead.

Glory… Now…

Virgin Bride of God, who of mankind can explain the all-spotless manner of your ineffable child-bearing for our sakes? For the Word being united to you, the uncircumscribed God became flesh.

Kontakion, Tone 6

With His life-giving hand* Christ our God, the Giver of life,* raised all the dead from the murky abyss* and bestowed resurrection upon humanity.* He is for all the Saviour,* the resurrection and the life, and the God of all.



To-day, death and Hell and the lowest depths shake with terror at the presence of one of the Trinity. Earth is thrown into confusion, at the sight of you Hell’s doorkeepers cower in fear. But all creation, rejoicing with the prophets, sings to you, sings a song of victory to our Redeemer and God, destroying now the power of death. Come, let us raise a shout of joy to A dam and all his children: The tree has brought him back. Come out, you faithful, into the resurrection.


Ode 7

Irmos: The young men of old have shown us a blazing furnace* cool with the gently falling dew,* and themselves singing the praise of the one God and saying:* The most highly exalted, God of our fathers, glorious above all is he.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

A dam of his own will worked disobedience and was slain by a tree; Christ’s obedience formed him anew; for the Son of God was crucified for me, glorious above all is he.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

The whole creation hymns you, Christ, rising from the tomb, for you have caused life to blossom for those in Hell, resurrection for the dead and light for those in darkness. Glorious above all is he.

Glory… Now…

Hail, daughter of the corrupted Adam! Hail, sole bride of God! Hail, you who gave birth to God and through whom corruption has been banished! Pray to him, Pure One, to save us all.


Ode 8

Irmos: Burning yet unconsumed, the bush in Sinai made God known to Moses,* slow of tongue and hard of hearing.* And the burning zeal for God revealed the three young men unharmed in the fire and singing:* Praise the Lord, all his works,* and highly exalt him throughout all the ages.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

The undefiled and reasonable Lamb, in sacrifice slain for the world, brought to an end the offerings according to the law and as God, apart from transgressions, cleansed the law now crying out: Praise the Lord, all his works, and highly exalt him throughout all the ages.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

The flesh the Maker took from us before his Passion was not incorruptible; but after Passion and Rising, it was rendered inaccessible to corruption and re-makes mortal men, who cry: Praise the Lord, all his works, and highly exalt him throughout all the ages.

Glory… Now…

Your purity, your total spotlessness, O Virgin, has cleansed the sordid and polluted things of our world, and you, All-pure, have become for us a cause of reconciliation with God. Therefore, O Virgin, we bless and highly exalt you throughout all the ages.




Ode 9

Irmos: Conceiving without taint of corruption,* lending your flesh to the Word, the Deviser of all,* Mother knowing no man, Virgin, Godbearer,* vessel receiving the illimitable* and dwelling for your infinite Maker:* we magnify you.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

Be silent, you minds estranged, who fit suffering to the divinity; for we magnify the Lord of glory, crucified in the flesh but not crucified in the divine nature: one person in two natures.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

All you who deny the body’s resurrection, go to the tomb of Christ and learn that the flesh of the giver of life was put to death and rose again in assurance of the final resurrection; for this we hope.

Glory… Now…

As we worship not a trinity of Godheads but of persons, not oneness of persons but of Godhead, we part from those who divide and confound those who dare to confuse the Trinity whom we magnify.

Small Litany; Holy is the Lord; Hymn of Light

The two sons of Zebedee, with Peter, Nathaniel, and Thomas,* and two others were fishing in the Lake of Tiberias.* By the command of Christ, they cast the net on the right side* and drew out many fish.* Peter, recognizing Christ, came swimming toward Him.* This was the third appearance of the Lord after His resurrection.* Then He shared with them bread and fish from the fire.

Glory… Now…

O Virgin, pray to the Lord Who rose from the tomb on the third day* for us Christians who praise and bless you with zeal.* For we have all taken you as a refuge of salvation* and as a mediatrix with Him.* For we are your servants, O Mother of God;* we are the people of your house,* and we all await your protection.

Praises; Stichera of the Praises, Tone 7

Christ is risen from the dead,* loosing the bonds of death;* O earth! proclaim the good tidings of great joy; and you heavens praise the glory of God.

Having seen the Resurrection of Christ,* let us worship the holy Lord Jesus, the only sinless one.

We cease not to worship the Holy Resurrection of Christ,* for He has saved us from our iniquities,* Holy is the Lord Jesus* who has shown us the Resurrection.

What shall we render to the Lord for all that He has rendered unto us?* For our sake God dwelled among us;* for our corrupted nature the Word became flesh and dwelled within us;* to the ungrateful He is the Benefactor;* to prisoners He is the Liberator;* to those in darkness He is the Sun of justice;* the path to the Cross;* the Light to Hades; Life to death;* Resurrection for the fallen:* to Him we cry aloud: Our God, glory be to You!’

By Your mighty power, O Lord,* You have destroyed the gates of Hades and abolished the dominion of death;* raising with Yourself the dead who slept therein from eternity in darkness,* by Your divine and glorious Resurrection,* as King of the universe* and as God All-powerful.

Come, let us rejoice in the Lord* and be glad in His Resurrection;* for He has raised the dead with Himself* from the indestructible bonds of Hades,* and as God has bestowed upon the world* eternal life and great mercy.

A radiant Angel sat on the stone of the grave that held Life,* and announced the good tidings to the Myrrh-bearing women saying:* The Lord is risen, as He foretold to you;* announce to His Disciples that He goes before you into Galilee;* while to the world He grants eternal life* and great mercy.

O you exceedingly wicked Jews, why did you reject the Cornerstone?* This is the stone which God has placed in Sion,* God Who in the wilderness made water spring forth from the rock,* and for us poured forth immortality from His side;* this is the stone which was hewn from the Virginal mountain, by the will of the Son of man,* who comes again on the clouds of heaven* before the Ancient of days, as Daniel has said,* and His Kingdom is everlasting.

In Tone 6, Glory…

After Your descent into Hades, O Christ,* and Your resurrection from the dead,* the disciples grieved over Your departure.* They returned to their occupations* and attended to their nets and their boats,* but their fishing was in vain.* You appeared to them since You are Lord of all;* You commanded them to cast the nets on the right side.* Immediately Your word became deed.* They caught a great number of fish,* and they found an unexpected meal prepared for them on the shore,* which they immediately ate.* Now, make us worthy to enjoy this meal with them in a spiritual manner,* O Lord and Lover of mankind.

In Tone 2, Now…

You are truly most blessed, O virgin Mother of God.* Through the One who was incarnate of you,* Hades was chained, Adam revived, the curse wiped out,* Eve set free, Death put to death,* and we ourselves were brought back to life.* That is why we cry out in praise;* Blessed are You, O Christ our God,* who finds in this your good pleasure. Glory to You!

Great Doxology; Trisagion Prayers; Troparion, Tone 2

Today salvation has come to the world.* Let us sing to Him who is risen from the tomb,* the Author of Life who has crushed Death by his death* and bestowed on us victory and great mercy.

Insistent Litany; Litany of Supplication; Great Dismissal



Troparia and Kontakia

Troparion, Tone 7: By Your cross You destroyed death;* You opened Paradise to the thief;* You changed the lamentation of the myrrh-bearers to joy,* and charged the apostles to proclaim* that You are risen, O Christ our God,* offering great mercy to the world.

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.

Kontakion, Tone 7: No longer shall the dominion of death be able to hold humanity,* for Christ went down shattering and destroying it s powers.* Hades is bound.* The prophets exult with one voice.* The Saviour has come for those with faith, saying:* “Come forth, O faithful, to the resurrection!”

Now and for ever and ever. Amen.

Theotokion, Tone 7: O all-praised treasury of our resurrection, we hope in you,* bring us up from the pit and depth of sin,* for you have saved those subject to sin* by giving birth to our Salvation,* O Virgin before childbirth, and Virgin in childbirth,* and still a Virgin after childbirth.

Prokeimenon, Tone 7
The Lord will give strength to His people;* the Lord will bless His people with peace.
verse: Bring to the Lord, O you sons of God; bring to the Lord young rams. (Psalm 28:11,1)

Epistle:  1 Timothy 1:15-17 (NRSV)
Timothy my son,
the saying is sure and worthy of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the foremost. But for that very reason I received mercy, so that in me, as the foremost, Jesus Christ might display the utmost patience, making me an example to those who would come to believe in him for eternal life. To the King of the ages, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.

Alleluia, Tone 7
verse: It is good to give praise to the Lord; and to sing to Your name, O Most High.
verse: To announce Your mercy in the morning, and Your truth every night. (Psalm 91:2,3)

Gospel: Luke 18:35-43 (NRSV)
At that time,
when Jesus approached Jericho, a blind man was sitting by the roadside begging. When he heard a crowd going by, he asked what was happening. They told him, “Jesus of Nazareth is passing by.” Then he shouted, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” Those who were in front sternly ordered him to be quiet; but he shouted even more loudly, “Son of David, have mercy on me!” Jesus stood still and ordered the man to be brought to him; and when he came near, he asked him, “What do you want me to do for you?” He said, “Lord, let me see again.” Jesus said to him, “Receive your sight; your faith has saved you.” Immediately he regained his sight and followed him, glorifying God; and all the people, when they saw it, praised God.

Communion Hymn
Praise the Lord from the heavens;* praise Him in the highest.* Alleluia, alleluia,* alleluia. (Psalm 148:1)

31-а Неділя по Зісланні Св. Духа; Прпп. Павла Тивейського і Йоана Кущника. 15 січня


Блажен муж співаємо


10. Стих: Виведи з в’язниці мою душу,* щоб дякувати імені твоєму.

 (г. 7): Прийдіте й радіймо з Господом,* що здолав владу смерти й просвітив людський рід,* з безтілесними взиваючи:* Творче і Спасе наш, − слава тобі!

9. Стих: Мене обступлять праведники,* бо ти добро мені вчиниш.

Ти витерпів хрест і погребення за нас, Спасе,* і як Бог умертвив смертю смерть.* Тому й поклоняємось твоєму на третій день воскресінню,* Господи, – слава тобі!

8. Стих: З глибин взиваю до тебе, Господи,* Господи, почуй мій голос.

Апостоли, бачивши воскресіння Творця,* чудувались, співаючи ангельську хвалу:* Це − слава Церкви, це – скарби царства.* Господи, що страждав за нас, − слава тобі!

7. Стих: Нехай будуть твої вуха уважні,* до голосу благання мого.

Хоч і схопили тебе, Христе, беззаконні люди,* але ти мій Бог, і не стидаюсь;* били тебе по плечах, і не відрікаюсь;* до хреста тебе прибили, і цього не скриваю;* воскресінням твоїм хвалюся, бо твоя смерть є життям моїм.* Всесильний і чоловіколюбний Господи, − слава тобі!

  1. Стих: Коли ти, Господи, зважатимеш на беззаконня,* то хто встоїться, Господи. Та в тебе є прощення.

Христос, сповняючи Давидове пророцтво,* відкрив своїм учням у Сіоні свою велич,* являючи себе спільно з Отцем і Святим Духом,* завжди хвали і слави гідним:* як Слово, що спочатку було безтілесне,* а відтак ради нас тіло прийняло* і, як людина, було умертвлене* і воскресло владою своєю, як чоловіколюбець.

  1. Стих: Задля імени твого надіюсь на тебе, Господи,* надіється душа моя на слово твоє; надіється душа моя на Господа.

Ти зійшов до аду, Христе, як і сам бажав того,* і переміг смерть, як Бог і Владика,* та й воскрес ти на третій день,* співвоскресивши Адама з адських оков і тління, що кликав, кажучи:* Слава воскресінню твоєму, єдиний Чоловіколюбче!

  1. Стих: Від ранньої сторожі до ночі* від ранньої сторожі нехай уповає Ізраїль на Господа.

(г. 2, подібний: Коли з дерева): Коли за Божественним велінням* ти, отче, радіючи, втік від світської краси,* тоді обрав ти понад путь простору* – тісну, і стражденну, і дуже прикру.* Тим-то піклування про душі прийняв ти,* в Божественний зодягнувшись образ,* утечею і скиненням із себе лахміття* всіх пристрастей, Богоблаженний.

  1. Стих: Бо в Господа милість і відкуплення велике в нього;* він визволить Ізраїля від усього беззаконня його.

Коли за Божественним велінням* ти, отче, радіючи, втік від світської краси,* тоді обрав ти понад путь простору* – тісну, і стражденну, і дуже прикру.* Тим-то піклування про душі прийняв ти,* в Божественний зодягнувшись образ,* утечею і скиненням із себе лахміття* всіх пристрастей, Богоблаженний.

  1. Стих: Хваліте Господа всі народи!* Прославляйте його всі люди!

Дивне придумав ти собі життя, дивний звичай,* уражений любов’ю до Христа,* Якого невимовну вбогість возлюбив єси,* і перед ворітьми твоїх батьків бездомний, отче, страждав єси,* утискуваний і гноблений.* Тим-то харизмами ти сповнився* і невід’ємне багатство,* що на небесах, успадкував.

1. Стих: Велике бо до нас його милосердя, і вірність Господа повіки.

Носячи в руках священне, отче, Євангеліє,* його виконавцем став єси.* Маєтку батьків зрікшись, Йоане,* ти в сльозах та в тісній хижі* провів своє життя, преподобний.* Тим-то нині насолоджуєшся* Божественною втіхою* і безнастанною веселістю, Богославний.

Слава: (г. 2): Зрікшися світу і того, що в світі, преподобний,* Євангеліє взявши,* по-євангельськи за Христом послідував єси* і, в кущі живучи наче в Раю таїнственно,* крайньою суворістю життя по плоті* людиновбивцю змія умертвив єси.* Тим-то на Небесах оселю маючи,* Йоане блаженний,* випроси нам велику милість.

І нині (догмат, г. 7): Матір’ю ти стала надприродно, Богородице,* і несказанно та незбагненно залишилась Дівою;* чуда ж твоїх родин язик сказати неспроможен.* Бо зачаття твоє, Пречиста, було предивне,* і недосяжний є образ родин.* Бо коли Бог хоче, то зміняється і лад природи.* Тому всі ми тебе, за Матір Божу маючи, благаємо щиро:* Молись, щоб спастися душам нашим.

Стихири на стиховні

(г. 7): Ти воскрес із гробу, Спасе світу,* і підняв людей з твоїм тілом.* Господи, – слава тобі!

Стих: Господь царює,* у велич він зодягнувся.

Прийдіть і поклонімось воскреслому з мертвих,* що всіх просвітив,* бо він визволив нас від адських мук* своїм на третій день воскресінням,* даючи нам життя і велику милість.

Стих: Бо він утвердив вселенну,* і вона не захитається.

В ад зійшовши, Христе, ти смерть полонив* і, на третій день воскреснувши, з собою воскресив і нас,* що славимо твоє могутнє воскресіння,* чоловіколюбний Господи.

Стих: Домові твоєму, Господи,* належить святість на довгі літа.

Дивним ти, Господи, видавався, немов сонний лежачи в гробі,* але воскреснувши на третій день,* як всемогутній, ти співвоскресив Адама, що кликав:* Слава воскресінню твоєму, єдиний Чоловіколюбче!

Слава і нині: Владичице, всі ми земляни приходимо під твій покров* і кличемо до тебе: Богородице, наша надіє,* вибав нас із незліченних прогрішень* і спаси душі наші.


(г. 7): 3нищив Ти хрестом Твоїм смерть,* відчинив розбійникові рай,* мироносицям плач на радість перемінив* і апостолам звелів проповідувати,* що воскрес Ти, Христе Боже,* даючи світові велику милість.

(г. 1): Пустинним жителем і в тілі ангелом,* і чудотворцем показав ти себе, богоносний отче наш Павле.* Постом, чуванням, молитвою небесні дарування прийнявши,* зціляєш недужих і душі, що з вірою прибігають до Тебе.* Слава тому, що дав Тобі кріпость,* слава тому, що вінчав тебе,* слава тому, що дає тобою всім зцілення.

Слава: (г. 4): З дитинства гаряче Господа возлюбив ти,* світ покинув і всю красу світу і повчився кращому* і збудував ти намет перед воротами батьків твоїх* і демонські полчища переміг ти, всеблаженний,* тому тебе, Йоане, Христос достойно прославив.

І нині: Таємниця споконвіку закрита й ангелам незнана:* через тебе, Богородице, Бог землянам появився,* прийнявши в незлитній сполуці тіло* і витерпівши задля нас добровільно хрест;* ним він воскресив первоствореного* і спас від смерти душі наші.



Тропарі і Кондаки

Тропар (глас 7): 3нищив Ти хрестом Твоїм смерть, відчинив розбійникові рай, мироносицям плач на радість перемінив і апостолам звелів проповідувати, що воскрес Ти, Христе Боже, даючи світові велику милість.

+Слава Отцю, і Сину, і Святому Духові.

Кондак (глас 7): Вже більше влада смерти не зможе людей держати, зійшов бо Христос, знищивши і знівечивши сили її, зв’язується ад, пророки ж однодушно радіють. З’явився Спас тим, що вірують, промовляючи: Виходьте, вірні, до воскресіння.

І нині, і повсякчас, і на віки вічні. Амінь.

Богородичний (глас 7): Як на скарбницю нашого воскресіння, надіємося на Тебе, Всехвальна, тож виведи нас з ями й безодні прогріхів, бо Ти спасла підлеглих гріхам, породивши наше Спасіння. Як перед народженням Ти була Діва, так і в родженні і по народженні, Ти залишилась Дівою.

Прокімен (глас 7):
Господь силу людям Своїм дасть, Господь поблагословить людей Своїх миром (Пс 28,11).
Стих: Принесіть Господеві, сини Божі, пренесіть Господеві молодих баранців (Пс 28,1).

Апостол: (1 Тм 1,15-17):
Сину Тимотею, вірне це слово й повного довір’я гідне, що Христос Ісус прийшов у світ, щоб спасти грішних, з яких я – перший. Але я був на те помилуваний, щоб Ісус Христос на мені першім показав усю свою довготерпеливість, на приклад тим, що мають увірувати в нього на вічне життя. Цареві ж віків, нетлінному, невидимому, єдиному Богу честь і слава на віки вічні! Амінь.

Алилуя (глас 7):
Стих: Добре вого – прославляти Господа, і співати Твоєму імені, Всевишній (Пс 91,2).
Стих: Звіщати вранці Твою милість, ночами – Твою вірність (Пс 91,3).

Євангеліє: (Лк 18,35-43):
У той час, як Ісус наближався до Єрихону, один сліпий сидів край дороги й просив милостині. Почувши, що народ іде мимо, він спитався, що б воно могло бути. Йому сказали, що це Ісус Назарянин проходить. І він почав голосно кричати: “Ісусе, Сину Давидів, змилуйся надо мною!” Ті, що йшли попереду, сварилися на нього, щоб замовчав, та він кричав ще дужче: “Сину Давидів, змилуйся надо мною!” Ісус зупинився і звелів привести його до себе. І коли той наблизився до нього, спитав: “Що хочеш, щоб я зробив тобі?” “Господи”, – сказав той, – “щоб я прозрів!” Ісус сказав до нього: “Прозри! Віра твоя спасла тебе.” І вмить прозрів той і пішов за Ісусом, славлячи Бога. І ввесь народ, побачивши те, віддав хвалу Богові.

Хваліте Господа з небес,* хваліте Його на висотах (Пс 148,1). Алилуя (х3).