Established in 1985 by Pope John Paul II, World Youth Day (WYD) is an exciting and faith-filled pilgrimage of young Catholics from all over the world. It is a celebration of youth, a way to experience the global Church, and an intense moment of evangelization. Pilgrims aged 18-35 spend several weeks encountering Christ and His Church as they meet new people from different cultures in an exciting, world-class host-city. Although WYD is a Catholic event, participation is open to anyone, no matter how close to or distant from the Church they are, as long as they want to grow in faith and friendship with Christ and other Christians, and to experience the festive and inspiring atmosphere of this awesome event.


WYD 2023 will center around six days in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, from August 1-6 (that’s less than seven months away!). Pilgrims from the Eparchies of Edmonton and New Westminster will fly to a major European city in late July and travel from there to Portugal, visiting a number of shrines and other sites on the way. Once in Portugal, pilgrims will spend six days (July 26-31) visiting a diocese outside of Lisbon. Then the group will head to the “main event” – six days with Pope Francis and thousands of young Catholics in Lisbon. This will include big-ticket events like a Way of the Cross through the city and a concluding Mass with Pope Francis, alongside opportunities for confession and catechesis, and activities like concerts and a youth festival. And, of course, pilgrims will get to experience the local culture and food of Lisbon. On August 7, pilgrims will begin their journey back to their flight-destination, once again visiting shrines and sites on the way.


Who? Anyone 18-35 years old.

What? A three-week pilgrimage based on faith, friendship, and festivity!

When? July 22-August 9 (approx.)

Where? Lisbon, Portugal and other European countries (Spain, France, etc.)

Why? There are too many reasons to list here…but in a nutshell, WYD means a chance to grow in your relationship with Jesus (faith), to make new friends both from your own city and from around the world (friendship), and to have an awesome time on the journey and at your destination (fun).   

Cost? TBD (but in the range of $5,000). Fundraising opportunities will be available.


WYD is less than seven months away! Are you interested in joining the Ukrainian Catholic pilgrims from Alberta and BC? Maybe you aren’t sure if you can make it or afford it? Or maybe you would rather attend local youth events (we are planning a WYD “at home” for this summer as well)? Either way, fill out the survey below so we can keep you in the loop!