Sunday of the Holy Forefathers. Octoechos Tone 2. Our Venerable Father Daniel the Stylite (493) Matins Resurrectional Gospel 5. Colossians 3:4-11; Luke 14:16-24; Nativity Fast.

Great Vespers, Sunday Matins and Divine Liturgy


Kathisma Reading: “Blessed is the man…” is sung.

At Psalm 140, In Tone 2

Lead my soul forth from prison* that I may give thanks to Your name.

Come, let us adore God the Word,* who was born of the Father before all ages,* and was incarnate of the Virgin Mary;* for of His own free will He suffered the Cross* and submitted Himself to burial,* and arose from the dead to save me, a sinful one.

The just shall gather around me* when You have been good to me.

Christ our Saviour cancelled the decree that was written against us,* by nailing it to the Cross;* and He abolished the dominion of Death.* Let us glorify His resurrection on the third day.

Out of the depths I cry to You, O Lord;* O Lord, hear my voice!

Let us, together with the archangels, sing of Christ’s resurrection;* for He is the Redeemer and Saviour of our souls.* He will come again in awesome glory and mighty power* to judge the world which He has fashioned.

Let Your ears be attentive* to the voice of my prayer.

Although You died and were buried,* the angel yet declared You as Master.* He said to the women: Come and see where the Lord was placed;* for He is risen as He foretold,* because He is almighty.* Therefore, we worship You, the only Immortal One,* and we beseech You to have mercy on us, O Giver of Life.

If You mark iniquities, Lord, who can stand?* But with You forgiveness is that You may be revered.

O Christ, You have abolished the curse of the tree by Your Cross;* You have destroyed the power of death by Your burial,* and You enlightened the human race by Your resurrection.* Therefore, we cry out to You:* O God and Benefactor, glory to You!

I have waited for You as You have commanded; my soul patiently relies on Your promise,* for it has trusted in the Lord.

O Lord, the gates of death opened before You in fear,* and the gatekeepers of Hades were filled with dread at the sight of You.* You smashed the gates of brass and crushed the posts of iron.* Then You burst our chains asunder,* and led us out from the darkness, away from the shadow of death.

In Tone 8

From the morning watch until night* let Israel trust in the Lord.

Today we commemorate the Forefathers of Christ.* Sing with fervour a hymn of praise to Christ the Saviour* who exalted them among the nations.* He is the Lord who does wondrous deeds* because He is powerful and almighty.* From them He brought forth a royal sceptre,* the Immaculate Maiden of God and Virgin Mary.* From her, Christ our God came forth* to give life and eternal salvation for all.

For with the Lord there is mercy, and with Him there is plentiful redemption;* and He shall redeem Israel from all its iniquities.

O Lord and Master,* You rescued the three holy youths from the fire.* You saved Daniel from the mouths of the lions;* You blessed Abraham, Isaac Your servant, and Jacob his son.* You willed to be like one of us by choosing to be born from them* in order that You might save our Forefathers who had fallen.* By Your Cross and Resurrection You tore apart the bonds of death.* You raise up all those who for ages had been among the dead* and who bow to You, O Christ, the eternal King.

Praise the Lord, all the nations;* proclaim His glory, all you people.

The three holy youths were refreshed by the Holy Spirit* when they walked in the fire as though in a cool place.* In them the Trinity and the Incarnation of Christ* were prefigured in a mystical manner.* By their wisdom and faith* they overcame the power of fire.* As for the just Daniel, he stopped the mouths of lions.* Through their intercession, we beseech You:* O Saviour and Lover of Mankind,* protect us from eternal fire* and make us worthy of Your heavenly Kingdom.

Strong is the love of the Lord for us;* eternally will His truth endure.

When the three holy youths stood in the flaming furnace* as if covered with dew,* they mystically prefigured Your coming from the Virgin,* giving light to us without being consumed.* And Daniel, the just and wondrous prophet,* clearly saw in a vision Your second divine coming.* He said: “I saw thrones set up and the Judge seated* and the river of fire flowing in His presence.”* Through their intercession* deliver us from this fire, O Lord.

In Tone 6, Glory…

O believers, let us give praise today* to all the fathers who lived before the Law:* Abraham who was beloved by God,* Isaac who was born according to the promise,* Jacob and the Twelve Patriarchs,* the very meek David and the favoured prophet Daniel.* Let us also glorify with them the three youths* who changed the fiery furnace into a place of refreshing dew.* Let us beg forgiveness of our sins from Christ our God* who is glorified in His Saints.

In Tone 2, Now…

O Virgin, the shadow of the Law passed away* with the realization of grace.* For as the bush had burned without being consumed,* so you gave birth while a virgin* and you remained a virgin.* Instead of the pillar of fire there rose the Sun of Justice.* Instead of Moses, Christ God came forth,* the Saviour of our souls.

Aposticha, In Tone 2

Your Resurrection, O Christ our Saviour,* has enlightened the whole universe;* and, through it, You call back to Yourself all Creation.* Almighty God, glory to You!

The Lord reigns, He is clothed in majesty. Robed is the Lord, and girt about with strength.

By the wood of Your Cross, O Saviour,* You have abolished the curse of the tree;* by Your burial You have destroyed the power of death;* and by Your resurrection You enlightened the human race.* We, therefore, cry out to You:* O Christ our God, Giver of Life, glory to You!

For He has made the world firm, which shall not be moved.

O Christ, when You were nailed to the Cross,* the distorted nature of creation was made manifest.* The soldiers showed their inhumanity by piercing Your side with a lance,* and the people showed their ignorance of Your power* by asking that Your tomb be sealed.* But, in Your mercy, You accepted burial* and then arose on the third day.* O Lord, glory to You!

Holiness befits Your house, O Lord, for length of days.

O Christ, Giver of Life,* You freely endured the Passion for the sake of mortals.* In Your power You descended into Hades;* and snatching, as from a mighty monster, the souls of those who awaited Your coming,* You placed them in Paradise.* Therefore, show Your great mercy to us who glorify Your resurrection,* and cleanse our souls.

In Tone 3, Glory…

Come, O lovers of the feast,* let us sing a hymn of praise to the assembly of the Forefathers:* Adam, the father of mankind,* Enoch, Noah, Melchizedek, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.* Let us also honour those who came after the Law:* Moses, Aaron, Joshua, Samuel, and David;* together with Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel,* Daniel, and the twelve minor prophets;* likewise Elijah, Elisha, and all the others;* also Zechariah and the Baptist,* and all those who preached Christ, the Life and Resurrection of our race.


O Virgin Mother, you conceived the Son of God without seed* by the will of the Father and the power of the Holy Spirit.* He was begotten of the Father, without a mother, from all eternity.* Yet for our sake, He was born of you in the flesh without a human father,* and you nursed Him as an infant with your milk.* Therefore, never cease to entreat Him to deliver our souls from affliction.


In Tone 2

When You went down to death, O Life Immortal,* You struck Hades dead with the blazing light of Your divinity.* When You raised the dead from the nether world,* all the powers of heaven cried out:* “O Giver of Life, Christ our God, glory be to You!”

In Tone 2, Glory… Now…

By faith you justified Your ancestors* and through them in advance you betrothed the Church taken from the nations.* The saints exult in glory;* from their seed comes the blessed fruit, the one who bore You without seed.* By their prayers, O Christ our God, have mercy on us.


Usual Beginning


Great Litany

God the Lord, Tone 2

Troparia, Tone 2

When You went down to death, O Life Immortal,* You struck Hades dead with the blazing light of Your divinity.* When You raised the dead from the nether world,* all the powers of heaven cried out:* “O Giver of Life, Christ our God, glory be to You!” (2)

Glory… Now…

O Mother of God, the mysteries which surround you are exceedingly glorious,* and beyond the power of understanding.* For you retained the seal of purity,* and your virginity remained inviolate;* yet you are acknowledged, without doubt,* to be the Mother who gave birth to the true God.* We beg you, therefore, to entreat Him to save our souls.

Psalter Reading

Stasis I: Psalms 9, 10
Stasis II: Psalms 11, 12, 13
Stasis III: Psalms 14, 15, 16

Small Litany

Sessional Hymn I, Tone 2

The noble Joseph having taken down You most pure Body from the tree,* wrapped it in a fine linen shroud* covering it with fragrant spices* and placed it in a new sepulchre;* but on the third day You arose, O Lord,* granting the world great mercy.

Arise, O Lord my God, let Your hands be lifted on high;* forget not Your poor to the end.

The Angel standing by the tomb cried to the myrrh-bearing women,* ‘Myrrh is fitting for the dead,* but Christ has been revealed a stranger to corruption.* rather cry aloud: The Lord is risen,* granting the world great mercy!’

Glory… Now…

You are highly glorified, O Virgin Theotokos,* and we sing your praise,* for through the Cross of your Son Hades has been overthrown,* Death has been slain,* and we who were dead have arisen and been granted life.* We have received Paradise, our ancient delight,* therefore with thanksgiving we glorify Christ our God* as mighty and alone plenteous in mercy.

Psalter Reading

Stasis I: Psalm 17
Stasis II: Psalms 18, 19, 20
Stasis III: Psalms 21, 22, 23

Small Litany

Sessional Hymn II, Tone 2

You did not prevent the grave stone from being sealed,* and having arisen You granted to all the rock of the Faith.* O Lord, glory be to You!

I will confess You, O Lord, with my whole heart,* I will tell of all Your wonders.

The choir of Your Disciples rejoices in harmony with the Myrrh-bearing women;* for with them we celebrate a common feast  to the glory and honour of Your Resurrection.* Through them, O Lord who loves mankind,* grant Your people Your great mercy.

Glory… Now…

You are highly blessed, O Virgin Theotokos,* for through Him who was incarnate of you* Hades has been taken captive, Adam recalled, the curse slain, and Eve set free,* death has been put to death and we have been given life;* therefore with hymns we cry to you:* Blessed are You O Christ our God who has been thus well-pleased, glory be to You!



Small Litany

Hypakoe, Tone 2

The women coming to You grave after the Passion* to anoint Your body, O Christ God,* saw Angels in the tomb and were frightened,* for they heard a message from them:* The Lord has arisen, granting the world His great mercy.

Hymn of Ascent, Tone 2

Antiphon 1

I raise the eyes of my heart to You in heaven, O Saviour.* Save me by Your radiance.

Have mercy, O my Christ, on us who fail You every hour and in many ways,* and grant to us the means to return to You* in repentance before the end.

Glory… Now…

To the Holy Spirit belongs sovereignty,* sanctification and the quickening of creation,* for He is God, one in essence with the Father* and the Word.

Antiphon 2

If the Lord was not among us,* who could be kept safe from the one* who is both our foe and a manslayer?

Do not hand Your servant over to destruction, O my Saviour.* For like a lion they come up against me,* they who are my foes.

Glory… Now…

To the Holy Spirit belongs the source of life and its honour,* for, being God, He preserves all creation* by His power* in the Father through the Son.

Antiphon 3

Those who trust in the Lord are like the holy mountain:* they are utterly unshaken* by the assaults of the enemy.

Let not those who live for God* stretch out their hands in iniquity;* for with the rod of His word Christ forbids such things.

Glory… Now…

By the Holy Spirit all wisdom flows forth,* grace to the Apostles,* crowns to the Martyrs,* and to the Prophets, prophetic vision.

Prokeimenon, Tone 2

Lord, rise up in Your anger, rise against the fury of my foes; my God, awake! You will give judgment. Let the company of nations gather round You.

verse: Lord God, I take refuge in You. From my pursuers save me and rescue me.

Let everything that lives, Tone 2


Luke 24:12-35

Hymn of Resurrection

Psalm 50

Verses at Psalm 50

Canon, Tone 2

Ode 1

Canon of the Resurrection

Irmos: Once his overwhelming power overturned the whole of Pharaoh’s army in the deep;* but the Word made flesh, the Lord of glory, blotted out the wholly wretched sin.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

The prince of this world in whose books we, who disobeyed your commands, were inscribed, O Good One, has been judged by your cross; attacking you as a mortal, he fell back from the power of your might and was exposed in his weakness.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

Deliverer of the race of mortal men and author of incorruptible life, you came into the world: for you tore in pieces the grave clothes of death in your resurrection, and this we glorify. Gloriously he is glorified.

Glory… Now…

O pure one, and ever-Virgin, you are shown to be higher than all creatures seen and unseen; for you bore the Creator since he willed to take flesh in your womb; with boldness pray to him to save our souls.


Ode 3

Canon of the Resurrection

Irmos: The desert, the barren Church of the nations, has blossomed as a lily at your coming, O Lord;* in this my heart is made firm.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

Creation at your Passion was put to confusion to see you in mean disguise and mocked by the lawless, you whose lightest nod had established the universe.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

You fashioned me with your hands from the dust in your image; and when, through sin, I was crushed again into the dust of death, you, O Christ, went down with me to Hell and raised me up with yourself.

Glory… Now…

The ranks of angels were amazed and the hearts of men trembled, All-pure, at your giving birth; wherefore we reverence you in faith, O Mother of God.


Ode 4

Canon of the Resurrection

Irmos: You came forth from the Virgin,* not an ambassador, not an angel,* but the Lord himself made flesh,* and saved my whole humanity.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

You were standing, my God, before the judgment seat as one judged, not crying out, bringing, O Lord, judgment upon the nations. Thus, through your Passion, O Christ, you wrought salvation for the world.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

By your Passion the weapons of the enemies failed, by your descent into Hell the cities of the foe were destroyed and the insolence of the tyrant overthrown.

Glory… Now…

All we the faithful know you a haven of salvation, a fortified city unshaken, Lady Mother of God; for by your prayers you deliver our souls from danger.


Ode 5

Canon of the Resurrection

Irmos: Christ God, you are mediator between God and man:* through you, O Lord, we have access from the night of ignorance to your Father, the author of light.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

You broke as the cedars, O Christ, the insolence of the enemy when, of your own will, O Lord, you were pleased to be lifted up in the flesh on the cypress, the pine and the cedar.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

They laid you in the lowest pit, O Christ, dead, without breath; but with your stripes you raised with yourself, O Saviour, the wounded and forgotten who slept in the graves.

Glory… Now…

Pray to your Son and Lord, pure Virgin, to grant deliverance to prisoners and peace from the hostile forces surrounding those who trust in you.


Ode 6

Canon of the Resurrection

Irmos: Engulfed in sin’s unfathomed depths* I cry to the fathomless deeps of your tender compassion;* God has brought me up* from corruption.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

The righteous was judged as a criminal and nailed to the tree with the lawless with his own blood granting forgiveness to the guilty.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

As by one man, the first Adam, death came of old to the world, so by one, the Son of God, resurrection has been revealed .

Glory… Now…

You knew no man, O Virgin, you bore a child and remained for ever virgin, revealing thus the signs of true divinity of your Son and God.


Kontakion, Tone 2

You rose from the tomb, O almighty Saviour;* and Hades, seeing this wonder, was stricken with fear; and the dead arose.* Creation saw and rejoices with You, and Adam exults.* And the world, my Saviour, sings Your praises for ever.



Light you are to those endarkened, resurrection you are to all and life to mortal man; and when you, the Saviour, raised up all with yourself and despoiled the might of death, when you, O Word, shattered the gates of Hell, the dead saw it and marvelled at the marvel and all creation rejoiced together in your resurrection, O Lover of man. For all of this we glorify and sing your coming down to us and all the universe, my Saviour, hymns you for ever.


Ode 7

Canon of the Resurrection

Irmos: The godless decree of the lawless tyrant* re-kindled the soaring flames,* Christ let fall on the God-fearing children the dew of the Spirit.* He is blessed and glorious above all.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

Your tender compassion, O Lord, would not allow you to see mankind beneath the sway of death but you came and saved him by your own blood, becoming man. He is blessed and glorious above all.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

Seeing you clothed in the robe of vengeance, O Christ. Hell’s doorkeepers cowered in fear for you came to master, O Lord, the slave, the reasonless tyrant. He is blessed and glorious above all.

Glory… Now…

We know you the Holy of Holies, Virgin unspotted, Mother unwedded, for you alone bore the unchangeable God: by your divine giving birth you have shed incorruption on all the faithful.


Ode 8

Canon of the Resurrection

Irmos: Once in Babylon by divine command* the blazing furnace divided its work,* the Chaldaeans consuming, the faithful bedewing,* who sang: Bless the Lord, all you works of the Lord.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

The ranks of angels saw the garment of your flesh empurpled with your blood, in trembling amazement at the magnitude of your longsuffering, crying: Bless the Lord, all you works of the Lord.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

Through your rising, O Merciful, you have clothed my mortality with deathlessness; therefore in glad thanksgiving your chosen people raise to you a song of praise, crying: Truly death is swallowed up in victory.

Glory… Now…

The One inseparable from the Father and humanly, divinely, dwelling in your womb, you conceived without seed and brought forth inexpressibly, Birth-giver of God, all-pure. By this we know you the salvation of us all.




Ode 9

Canon of the Resurrection

Irmos: The Son of the unbegun Begetter, God and Lord, made flesh of the Virgin,* has appeared among us to bring light to the darkened places* and to gather the scattered together.* Therefore, we magnify the all-praised Mother of God.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

On Golgotha, as in Paradise, there was planted, O Saviour, the thrice-happy tree of your pure cross, nourished by your blood divine and water; so from the wellspring of your holy side, O Christ, life has blossomed for us.

Glory to your holy Resurrection, O Lord.

The crucified, the all-powerful, laid low the strong man armed, and the nature of man, lying below in the dungeon of Hell, he raised and placed on the Father’s throne; coming in the midst of which we, worshipping, magnify you.

Glory… Now…

In the true faith singing, let us the faithful glorify the Trinity, three in number, one in substance, indivisible nature, supremely divine, triply shining light and never-setting radiance, the only uncompounded shedding light upon all.


Small Litany

Holy is the Lord

Hymn of Light

Christ our Way and our Life, after His resurrection from the dead, accompanied Luke and Cleopas, who had recognized Him at Emmaus in the breaking of the bread.*Their hearts and souls were inflamed as He spoke to them on the way, explaining to them all the Scriptures that pertained to Him. Let us, therefore, shout with them, saying: Truly, the Lord is risen and has appeared to Peter.


Let us praise Adam, Abel, Seth and Enos, Enoch and Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Moses, Job and Aaron, Eleazar and Joshua, Barak, Sampson and Jephthah, David and Solomon.


The great Sun, the Creator, Who shall come forth from the Virgin who knew not man, makes haste to Bethlehem to enlighten all that are descended from Adam. Wherefore, the most radiant memory of the forefathers proclaims the wonder.


Stichera of the Praises, Tone 2

Everything that breathes and every creature glorifies You, O Lord,* for through Your Cross You destroyed death* and thus shown the multitude of peoples Your Resurrection from the dead,* as You alone love mankind.

Let the Jews tell how the soldiers lost the King they were guarding.* Why then did the stone not guard the rock of life?* Either let them give up the one who was buried or adore Him as risen,* exclaiming together with us:* Glory to the multitude of Your mercies:* O Saviour, glory be to You!

Rejoice O  peoples and be glad!* for an Angel sat upon the grave stone* and gave us good tidings saying:* Christ is risen from the dead* and has filled the universe with sweet fragrance.* Rejoice O peoples and be glad!’

Before Your conception, O Lord,* an Angel brought the greeting ‘Rejoice’ to the one full of grace:* at Your Resurrection an Angel rolled away the stone from Your glorious grave.* The one revealed the signs of joy instead of sorrow;* the other instead of death has proclaimed to us the Master, and giver of life.* Wherefore we cry to You:* O Benefactor of all mankind,* Lord, glory be to You!

The women sprinkled sweet spices* mingled with their tears upon Your grave,* but their mouths were filled with joy as they exclaimed,* The Lord hath arisen!

In Tone 2

Let us all now celebrate the memory of the forefathers,* hymning their life which was pleasing unto God,* for Whose sake they have been magnified.

Blessed are You, O Lord, the God of our fathers, and praised and glorified is Your name forever.

The children quenched the power of the fire,* dancing in the midst of the furnace,* and hymning God the Almighty.

For You are righteous in all which You have done for us.

Daniel the prophet, who, imprisoned in a pit, dwelt with wild beasts,* was shown forth as one who did not partake of their ferocity.

In Tone 7, Glory…

Come all of you, let us faithfully celebrate the annual commemoration of Abraham* and them that are with him, the fathers that lived before the Law.* Let us honour the tribe of Judah as is meet;* let us praise the youths in Babylon,* who, as an image of the Trinity, quenched the flame of the furnace, together with Daniel;* and holding fast to the prophecies of the prophets, let us cry aloud with Isaiah:* Behold, a Virgin shall conceive in her womb, and shall bear a Son,* Emmanuel, God with us!

In Tone 2, Now…

You are truly most blessed, O virgin Mother of God.* Through the One who was incarnate of you,* Hades was chained, Adam revived, the curse wiped out,* Eve set free, Death put to death,* and we ourselves were brought back to life.* That is why we cry out in praise;* Blessed are You, O Christ our God,* who finds in this your good pleasure. Glory to You!


Great Doxology

Trisagion Prayers

Troparion, Tone 2

You came forth from death, destroying the eternal bonds of Hades, O Lord.* You broke the curse of Death* and thus delivered us from the snares of the Evil One.* Then You appeared to your apostles and sent them forth to preach,* and through them You have bestowed your peace upon all the world,* for You alone are rich in mercy.

Insistent Litany

Litany of Supplication

Great Dismissal



Troparia and Kontakia
Troparion, Tone 2: When You went down to death, O Life Immortal,* You struck Hades dead with the blazing light of Your divinity.* When You raised the dead from the nether world,* all the powers of heaven cried out:* “O Giver of Life, Christ our God, glory be to You!”

Troparion, Tone 2: By faith You justified Your ancestors* and through them in advance You betrothed the Church taken from the nations.* The saints exult in glory;* from their seed comes the blessed fruit, the one who bore You without seed.* By their prayers, O Christ our God, have mercy on us.

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Now and for ever and ever. Amen.

Kontakion, Tone 6: Armed by the Being that defies description,* you defied the man-made idol, O thrice blessed youth.* In the midst of the unbearable flames you stood and cried out to God:* “In Your mercy, O gracious One, hasten and come to our aid,”* for You can do whatever You will.

Prokeimenon, Tone 4
Blessed are You, Lord God of our fathers,* and praised and glorified is Your Name forever.
verse: For You are righteous in everything that You have done to us. (Daniel 3:26,27)

Epistle: Colossians 3:4-11 (NRSV)
Bothers and Sisters, when Christ who is your life is revealed, then you also will be revealed with him in glory. Put to death, therefore, whatever in you is earthly: fornication, impurity, passion, evil desire, and greed (which is idolatry). On account of these the wrath of God is coming on those who are disobedient. These are the ways you also once followed, when you were living that life. But now you must get rid of all such things—anger, wrath, malice, slander, and abusive language from your mouth. Do not lie to one another, seeing that you have stripped off the old self with its practices and have clothed yourselves with the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge according to the image of its creator. In that renewal there is no longer Greek and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave and free; but Christ is all and in all!

Alleluia, Tone 4
verse: Moses and Aaron are among His priests and Samuel among those who call upon His name.
verse: They called on the Lord and He heard them. (Psalm 98:6)

Gospel: Luke 14:16-24 (NRSV)
The Lord spoke this parable: “Someone gave a great dinner and invited many. At the time for the dinner he sent his slave to say to those who had been invited, ‘Come; for everything is ready now.’ But they all alike began to make excuses. The first said to him, ‘I have bought a piece of land, and I must go out and see it; please accept my regrets.’ Another said, ‘I have bought five yoke of oxen, and I am going to try them out; please accept my regrets.’ Another said, ‘I have just been married, and therefore I cannot come.’ So the slave returned and reported this to his master. Then the owner of the house became angry and said to his slave, ‘Go out at once into the streets and lanes of the town and bring in the poor, the crippled, the blind, and the lame.’ And the slave said, ‘Sir, what you ordered has been done, and there is still room.’ Then the master said to the slave, ‘Go out into the roads and lanes, and compel people to come in, so that my house may be filled. For I tell you, none of those who were invited will taste my dinner.’”

Communion Hymn
Praise the Lord from the heavens;* praise Him in the highest (Psalm 148:1).* Rejoice in the Lord, O you just;* praise befits the righteous.* Alleluia, alleluia,* alleluia. (Psalm 32:1)

Свв. Праотців. Прп. Даниїла Стовпника. 11 грудня.


Блажен муж співаємо


  1. Стих: Виведи з в’язниці мою душу,* щоб дякувати імені твоєму.

(г. 2): Прийдіте, поклонімось* народженому предвічно від Отця Божому Слову,* що тіло прийняв від Діви Марії.* Він на хресті добровільно витерпів страждання* і віддався на похорон, і воскреснувши з мертвих,* спас мене, грішну людину.

  1. Стих: Мене обступлять праведники,* бо ти добро мені вчиниш.

Христос, Спаситель наш,* скасував наш смертний засуд,* прибивши його до хреста,* і викорінив владу смерти.* Тому поклоняємось його на третій день воскресінню.

  1. Стих: З глибин взиваю до тебе, Господи,* Господи, почуй мій голос.

З архангелами прославмо воскресіння Христове,* бо він – наш визволитель і спаситель душ наших,* що з славою дивною і могутньою силою* знову прийде судити світ,* що його він створив.

  1. Стих: Нехай будуть твої вуха уважні,* до голосу благання мого.

Ангел сповістив про тебе,* розп’ятого й похороненого Владику,* і сказав жінкам: Прийдіть і погляньте, де лежав Господь;* він бо, Всесильний, воскрес, як і прорік був.* Тому поклоняємось тобі, єдиному безсмертному:* Життєдавче, Христе, помилуй нас.

  1. Стих: Коли ти, Господи, зважатимеш на беззаконня,* то хто встоїться, Господи. Та в тебе є прощення.

(г. 8, подібний: О, преславне чудо): Блаженний Тадею апостоле,* наблизившись до Світла крайнього,* світлом другим за божественною причетністю* істинно став єси* і, розоривши ніч багатобожжя,* душі привів єси до Вседержителя.* Тим то, радіючи, світлу і благознаменну* і світлопромінну пам’ять твою вшановуємо,* Христа славлячи.

  1. Стих: Задля імени твого надіюсь на тебе, Господи,* надіється душа моя на слово твоє; надіється душа моя на Господа.

Блаженний Тадею богомудрий,* твоїм божественним доторком* далося сліпим прозріння,* і кривим – ходіння,* і недужим – здоров’я, і розслабленим – знову випростання,* і невігласам – знання спасительне.* Ти бо сповнений був харизмами* вседіючого Духа, пребагатий.* Тому тебе оспівуємо.

  1. Стих: Від ранньої сторожі до ночі* від ранньої сторожі нехай уповає Ізраїль на Господа.

(г. 8): Спогадуючи, вірні, сьогодні пам’ять Праотців,* прославляймо Христа Визволителя,* що звеличив їх між усіма народами,* і Господа, що, як могутній Владика, наявно зробив преславні чудеса.* Через них він показав нам свою силу* – єдину, пренепорочну Божу Діву, Марію чисту, з якої виріс квіт − Христос,* що дав усім життя й невичерпну поживу, і вічне спасіння.

3. Стих: Бо в Господа милість і відкуплення велике в нього;* він визволить Ізраїля від усього беззаконня його.

Спогадуючи, вірні, сьогодні пам’ять Праотців,* прославляймо Христа Визволителя,* що звеличив їх між усіма народами,* і Господа, що, як могутній Владика, наявно зробив преславні чудеса.* Через них він показав нам свою силу* – єдину, пренепорочну Божу Діву, Марію чисту, з якої виріс квіт − Христос,* що дав усім життя й невичерпну поживу, і вічне спасіння.

2. Стих: Хваліте Господа всі народи!* Прославляйте його всі люди!

По всіх краях світу поширилась пам’ять Праотців,* сповнена істинним світлом й опромінена зорями благодаті.* Бо Христос, як промінне Сонце, засіяв з висоти* і здалеку веде з собою ясне сузір’я, яке він засвітив.* Наближається Різдво Богочоловіка у Вифлеємі,* тож вірою ликуймо, побожно оплескуючи його народження,* як хвалу передсвяткову.

1. Стих: Велике бо до нас його милосердя, і вірність Господа повіки.

Красуються славою божественної співучасти:* Адам радіє нині, як основа й сила мудрих Праотців;* співликує Авель і веселиться Енох;* радіє Сит із Ноєм, співає з патріярхами славний Авраам,* а Мелхіседек бачить сьогодні чудесне народження.* Тому і ми, звершуючи пам’ять Христових Праотців,* молимось за спасіння душ наших.

Слава: (г. 6): Похвалімо, вірні, всіх Отців, що були перед Законом:* боголюбивого Авраама й Ісаака, зродженого з обітниці,* і Якова з дванадцятьма патріархами та лагідного Давида,* вимолюючи для нас прощення від Христа Бога*, що у святих своїх славиться.

І нині (догмат, г. 2): Минулася тінь Закону,* коли прийшла Благодать;* бо як кущ охоплений полум’ям не згоряв,* так і ти, Діво, породила й дівою зосталась!* Замість вогняного стовпа, засяяло Сонце правди,* замість Мойсея – Христос,* спасіння душ наших.

Стихири на стиховні

(г. 2): Воскресіння твоє, Христе Спасе,* просвітило всю вселенну* і ти покликав до себе твоє створіння.* Всесильний Господи, – слава тобі!

Стих: Господь царює,* у велич він зодягнувся.

Ти деревом, Спасе, знищив прокляття,* що від Дерева почалось,* похороном твоїм подолав владу смерти* і просвітив наш рід твоїм воскресінням.* Тому й кличемо до тебе:* Життя подателю, Христе Боже наш, – слава тобі!

Стих: Бо він утвердив вселенну,* і вона не захитається.

Ти деревом, Спасе, знищив прокляття,* що від Дерева почалось,* похороном твоїм подолав владу смерти* і просвітив наш рід твоїм воскресінням.* Тому й кличемо до тебе:* Життя подателю, Христе Боже наш, – слава тобі!

Стих: Домові твоєму, Господи,* належить святість на довгі літа.

Христе, життя подателю!* Ти добровільно витерпів страсті смертних ради* і зійшов до аду як сильний* і там, немов від лютого звіра,* вихопив дожидаючих твого приходу* і, замість аду, дарував життя в раю.* Тому й нам, що прославляємо твоє на третій день воскресіння,* дай очищення з гріхів і велику милість.

Слава (г. 3): Прийдіть, вірні, піснями вшануймо собор Праотців:* Адама праотця, Еноха, Ноя, Мелхіседека,* Авраама, Ісаака і Якова;* в Законі ж: Мойсея і Арона, Ісуса, Самуїла і Давида,* з ними ж Ісаю, Єремію, Єзекиїла* і Даниїла й інших дванадцятьох,* разом же й Іллю і Єлисея та всіх інших:* Захарію і Христителя, і тих що сповіщали Христа* – життя і воскресіння роду нашого.

I нині: Сонце велике, Творець,* поспішає нині до Вифлеєму, щоб народитися з Непорочної Діви* і просвітити дітей Адама.* Тому світла пам’ять Праотців звіщає це чудо.

(г. 2): Коли зійшов Ти до смерти, Життя безсмертне,* тоді ад умертвив Ти блистінням божества.* Коли ж і умерлих із глибин підземних воскресив Ти,* всі сили небесні взивали:* Життєдавче, Христе Боже наш, слава Тобі.

Слав І нині: (г. 2): Вірою праотців оправдав Ти,* з народів через них Ти Церкву наперед заручив.* Хваляться у славі святі, бо з сімени їх є плід благословенний* – та, що без сімени родила Тебе.* Їх молитвами, Христе Боже, помилуй нас.


Тропарі і Кондаки
Тропар (глас 2): Коли зійшов Ти до смерти, Життя безсмертне,* тоді ад умертвив ти блистінням Божества.* Коли ж і умерлих із глибин підземних воскресив Ти,* всі сили небесні взивали:* Життедавче, Христе Боже наш, слава Тобі.

Troparion (глас 2): Вірою праотців оправдав ти,* з нарбдів через них ти Церкву наперед заручив.* Хваляться у славі святі,* бо з сімени їх є плід благословенний* – та, що без сімени родила тебе.* Їх молитвами, Христе Боже, помилуй нас.

+Слава Отцю, і Сину, і Святому Духові. І нині, і повсякчас, і на віки вічні. Амінь.

Кондак (глас 6): Рукописаному образові не поклонившися,* але неописанним єством захистившися, триблаженні,* в подвизі вогню ви прославилися* і, посеред нестерпного полум’я стоячи, Бога ви призвали:* Поспішись, о, Щедрий,* і скоро прийди як милостивий нам на поміч,* бо ти можеш, якщо воля твоя.

Прокімен (глас 4):
Благословен єси, Господи, Боже отців наших,* і хвальне, і прославлене ім’я твоє на віки (Дан 3,26).
Стих: Бо праведний єси в усьому, що сотворив ти нам (Дан 3,27).

Апостол: (Кл 3,4-11):
Браття і Сестри, коли ж Христос, ваше життя, з’явиться, тоді й ви з ним з’явитесь у славі. Умертвлюйте, отже, ваші земні члени: розпусту, нечистоту, пристрасті, лиху пожадливість, зажерливість – що є ідолопоклонство. За все це падає гнів Божий на неслухняних. Ви самі нещодавно поводилися так само, коли жили в тому. Тепер же відкиньте й ви все те геть від себе: гнів, лютість, злобу, наклеп, сороміцькі слова з ваших уст! Не говоріть неправди одне одному, бо ви з себе скинули стару людину з її ділами й одягнулися в нову, що відновлюється до досконалого спізнання, відповідно до образу свого Творця. Тим то немає грека, ні юдея, ні обрізання, ні необрізання, ні варвара, ні скита, ні невольника, ні вільного, а все й у всьому – Христос.

Алилуя (глас 4):
Стих: Мойсей і Арон між єреями Його і Самуїл між тими, що призивають ім’я Його (Пс. 98,6).
Стих: Призивали Господа і Він вислухав їх (Пс.98,6).

Євангеліє: (Лк 14,16-24):
Сказав Господь притчу оцю: “Один чоловік справив вечерю велику й запросив багатьох. Під час вечері послав він слугу свого сказати запрошеним: Ідіть, усе готове. Тоді всі вони однаково почали відмовлятися. Перший йому сказав: Поле купив я, мушу піти на нього подивитись; вибач мені, прошу тебе. Другий сказав: П’ять пар волів купив я і йду їх спробувати; прошу тебе, вибач мені. А інший мовив: Я одружився і тому не можу прийти. Повернувся слуга й розповів це панові своєму. Розгнівався тоді господар та й каже до слуги свого: Іди щоскоріш на майдани й вулиці міста й приведи сюди вбогих, калік, сліпих, кульгавих. Пане, – озвавсь слуга, – сталось, як ти велів, і місця є ще. Сказав пан до слуги: Піди на шляхи та огорожі й наполягай увійти, щоб дім мій наповнився. Кажу бо вам: Ніхто з отих запрошених не покуштує моєї вечері.”

Хваліте Господа з небес, хваліте Його на висотах (Пс 148,1). * Радуйтеся, праведні, у Господі, правим належить похвала (Пс 32,1).* Алилуя (х3).