October  2022

Sunday, October 2

8:30am Waugh

11:30am Darling

Sunday, October 9

8:30am Athabasca

11:30am Waskatenau

Sunday, October 16

8:30am Carvel

11:30am Thorhild

Sunday, October 23

10:30am Athabasca

Sunday, October 30

10:30am Radway

Confessions: by appointment or before and after each Divine Liturgy.

Baptism: by appointment.

Marriage: by an appointment at least six months in advance.

Sacrament for the sick: call Fr. Slavko Dumeč at any time.

November 2022

Sunday, November 6

8:30am Darling

11:30am Rossington Praznyk

Sunday, November 13

8:30am Athabasca

11:30am Waugh

November 15, 2022, starts

Advent – Saint Philips fast

Sunday, November 20

8:30am Thorhild 11:30am Carvel

Sunday, November 27

8:30am Waskatenau

11:30am Athabasca

Services in Lodges

Please call Fr. Slavko the night before the scheduled service to confirm if the services are going to be held on that day.

-1st Friday of the month in the Redwater “Diamond Spring Lodge” at 10:00am.

-2nd Monday of the month in Thorhild Lodge at 10:00am.

-3 Monday (“Southfort Bend Gardens” 8802 Southfort Drive) in Fort Saskatchewan at 10:00am

-3rd Tuesday of the month in Radway Lodge at 10:00am.

December 2022

Sunday, December 4

8:30am Waugh

11:30 am Darling

Sunday, December 11

8:30am Athabasca

11:30am Waskatenau

Sunday, December 18

10:00am Thorhild AGM

Saturday, December 24 10:00 pm Athabasca

Christmas Eve

 Sunday, December 25

10:00am Manly Christmas Day

Monday, December 26 10:00am Waugh free service

(Caroling following service)

All interested in caroling contact Maria


January 2023

Sunday, January 1

11:00am Darling

Happy New Year 2023

Friday, January 6

10:00am Thorhild Theophany

Water Blessing Free Service

6:00pm Carvel Christmas Eve

Free Service

Saturday, January 7

11:00 am Rossington

Christmas Day Free Service

Sunday, January 8

8:30am Athabasca W B

11:30am Waskatenau W B

Sunday, January 15

8:30am Waugh

11:30am Carvel W B

Thursday, January 19

11:00am Rossington

Theophany Water Blessing Free Service

Sunday, January 22

10:30am Athabasca AGM

Sunday, January 29

10:00am Thorhild

District AGM after service

February 2023

Thursday, February 2

Feast of the Encounter

10:00am Waugh

Free Service Candle Blesseing

Sunday, February 5

10:00am Darling C B AGM

Sunday, February 12

8:30am Athabasca C B

11:30am Waskatenau C B


Sunday, February 19

8:30am Waugh

11:30am Carvel C B

Monday February 20 starts Great Lent

Sunday, February 26

8:30am Thorhild C B

11:30am Athabasca








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March 2023

Sunday, March 5

8:30am Waugh

11:30am Darling

Sunday, March 12

8:30am Athabasca

11:30am Waskatenau

Sunday, March 19

8:30am Thorhild

11:30am Carvel

Saturday, March 25

Feast of Annunciation Free Service

Lenten Mission hosted by the

Holy Spirit Parish in Waskatenau

10:00am Confessions

11:00am Divine Liturgy

Sunday, March 26

8:30am Radway

11:30am Athabasca