St. Nicholas’s Initiatives to Support Ukrainians in Need

The community at St. Nicholas parish started initiatives to help Ukraine by collecting clothing donations for families who have come from Ukraine. Wanting to expand their efforts, they asked Bishop David and Father Julian for permission to host clothing drives in the Church. They started to ask for donations of clothing and other items from family and friends. Once the Eparchy of Edmonton spread the message, their initiative quickly expanded and they reached 75 volunteers with over 200 volunteer hours. They have had over 1200 bags of clothing donated so far. During the week, they normally have 3 days where Ukrainians in need can register to come select clothing and other necessities.

The products in highest demand are hygiene products, such as shampoo, conditioner, razors, and feminine products. Elementary to junior high clothing is also in need. If any clothing isn’t in great condition to be worn, the team donates the clothing so that nothing goes to waste. The community wants to make the drive a welcoming event, where visitors can snack and chat with others. A team of five is leading initiatives and is currently planning for more events in July in August, after having helped around 60-70 families so far.