April 2022

Sunday, April 3

10:00am Darling

Sunday, April 10 Palm Sunday 10:00am Athabasca

Thursday, April 14 Free service

Holy Thursday 12 Gospel readings

6:00pm Thorhild

Friday, April 15 Free services

Holy / Good Friday

10:00am Manly

1:00pm Waskatenau

3:00pm Waugh

Saturday, April 16

Easter Sunday service with blessing of food baskets

5:00pm Manly

Sunday, April 17

Easter Sunday services with blessing of food baskets

6:00am Waugh

9:00am Waskatenau

Monday, April 18 Free service 10:00am Redwater

Friday, April 22 Free service

Holy / Good Friday Julian Calendar

11:00am Rossington

Sunday, April 24

8:30am Athabasca 11:30am Rossington

Easter Sunday Julian Calendar service

Saturday, April 30

10:00am Thorhild

2 gravesides blessings

May 2022

Sunday, May 1

8:30am Waugh 11:30am Darling

2 gravesides blessings

Saturday, May 7

10:00am Fedorah

graveside blessings

Sunday, May 8

8:30am Athabasca

11:30am Waskatenau

graveside blessings

Saturday, May 14

10:00am Redwater

sviachene + 2 gravesides blessings 4:00pm at St. Michael’s Cemetery

Edmonton ( also other cemeteries in Edmonton could be arranged for that day)

Sunday, May 15

8:30am Thorhild

12:00pm Carvel

Praznyk + graveside blessings

Saturday, May 21

10:00am Radway

graveside blessings

Sunday, May 22

10:00am Athabasca

graveside blessings 2 cemeteries

Thursday, May 26 Free service

Praznyk   Ascension of our Lord

6:00pm Fedorah

Saturday, May 28

11:00am Frains graveside blessings

Sunday, May 29

11:00am Cherhil graveside blessings

No Liturgy, Graves blessings only at

2:00pm Rochfort Bridge Free service

5:00pm Wildwood Free service

June 2022

Saturday, June 4 10:00 am Waugh

graveside blessings

Sunday, June 5 Pentecost

Green Holidays / Praznyks

8:30am Darling

11:00 am Waskatenau

Sunday, June 12

8:30am Athabasca

11:30am Sandhills

graveside blessings

5:00pm Carvel

Saturday, June 18 11:00am Rossington

Graveside service

Sunday, June 19

8:30am Thorhild 11:30am Prosperity

Praznyk + graveside blessings

Saturday, June 25 10:00am Radway

Sunday, June 26

8:30am Athabasca

12:00pm Eldorena

Sunday, July 3

8:30am Waugh

11:00am Darling

Saturday, July 9

No Liturgy, Graves blessings only at 11:00am New Pine Creek, Free service

Sunday, July 10

8:30am Athabasca

11:30am Waskatenau

Sunday, July 17

8:30am Redwater 11:30am Manly

graveside blessings

Saturday, July 23 10:00am Radway

Sunday, July 24

8:30am Thorhild

11:30am Athabasca

Sunday, July 31

10:00am Darling

Services in Lodges

Due to COVID some of the lodges and care canters might not accept visitors or not ready

for our services. Please call Fr. Slavko the night before the scheduled service to confirm if the services are going to be held.

-1st Friday of the month in the Redwater “Diamond Spring Lodge” at 10:00am.

-2nd Monday of the month in Thorhild Lodge at 10:00am.

-3 Monday (“Southfort Bend Gardens” 8802

Southfort Drive) in Fort Saskatchewan at 10:00am

-3rd Tuesday of the month in Radway Lodge at 10:00am.

-4th Tuesday of the month in Westlock “Pembina Lodge” at 10:30am


August 2022

Saturday, August 6

Transfiguration of our Lord

10:00am Redwater (Free Service)

Sunday, August 7

8:30am Rossington

11:30am Radway


Sunday, August 14

8:30am Athabasca

11:30am Waugh


Sunday, August 21

8:30am Waskatenau

12:00pm Carvel

Sunday, August 28

8:30am Thorhild 11:30am Athabasca


Sunday, Sept. 4

8:30am Waugh

11:30am Darling

Sunday, Sept. 11

8:30am Athabasca

11:30am Waskatenau

Wednesday, Sept. 14 Free service

Exaltation of the Holy Cross

10:00am Sandhills

Sunday, Sept. 18

8:30am Redwater 11:30am Carvel

Sunday, Sept. 25

8:30am Thorhild

11:30am Athabasca