Dear Parishioners and friends of our extended Grande Prairie Alberta Community! As Pastor of our Ukrainian Catholic Parish community of Dormition Ukrainian Catholic Parish, and as regional administrator, kindly accept my humble heartfelt thoughts and thanks to all of our parishioners, as well as to all the amazing volunteers who spent hours preparing and facilitating our wonderful parish fundraiser for the needs of our people in Ukraine. 

This amazing event and fundraiser which took place on Sunday March 27, 2022, hosted over 600 people at our local Ukrainian Catholic Parish in Grande Prairie. 

A huge expression of thanks I especially wish to send out to both Luba & Julija, together with all the additional women & men, who spent hours in the parish kitchen, preparing and cooking up a delicious Ukrainian dinner enjoyed by all. A huge thanks also go out to all the people who worked tirelessly at organizing the purchasing of all those materials needed, as well as to all those who worked steadfastly at welcoming all our guests at the doors, along with our amazing bartender, Mr. Jason Jones, who provided all the necessary ingredients and service towards keeping everyone properly “hydrated”.

On behalf of our parish, I especially wish to express a heartfelt thanks to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ from our neighbouring parish community of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints, especially Mr. Tim Burnham and Bishop Ryan Trofanenko. These beautiful souls were a gift of God’s Divine providence to our community in so many amazing ways. We thank them profusely for the use of all their material, physical and financial assistance which they limitlessly, in the spirit of Christian generosity provided to us. Their help contributed immensely towards the overall success of this event. May our dear Lord, and Saviour Jesus Christ, continue to bless them and their community!

Also even though it goes without saying, we wish to widely express our special thanks, appreciation and acknowledgement to all the beautiful young Ukrainian dancers who provided all of us with the entertainment and beauty of their dancing, the detailed traditional colours of their costumes and the traditional Ukrainian music. Thank you Troyanda Ukrainian
Dancers, and thank you, dear instructors. 

Finally and most importantly, on behalf of our Parish, I wish to thank all of our generous guests who totalled 600 people, for having come out to support this immensely important community event for the needs of our brothers & sisters in wore-torn Ukraine. May God bless you all! 

With my sincerest thanks
and in prayer, Fr. Matthew 

Слава Україні!
Героям Слава!
Слава нашим захисникам!