Week 1: 

  • Find a large basket or a box that you can fill over the six weeks of St. Phillips Fast with food for your choice of charity. Some suggestions are: Youth Empowerment Services, Wings of Providence, WINN House, Boyle Street Services.
  • Make a large cloth Christmas bag that you can fill over the next six weeks with personal care items that can be donated along with your food basket or separately to your choice of charity. Place your basket or bag beside your Christmas tree where the family will notice it.
  • Say a prayer together as a family for the people that will receive this gift


Week 2:

  • During this week fill the bag with towels, face cloth and soap.
  • Place some dry breakfast articles into the basket.
  • During this week spend some time in personal prayer and reflection on the meaning of Saint Philips fast. Go to http://www.royaldoors.net/for prayers and readings or sign up for their daily gospel reflection.
  • Pray together as a family for the recipients of the gift.


Week 3:

  • During this week put some dried food, such as potatoes, rice or cake mix into the food basket.
  • Place a toothbrush and toothpaste in the personal care bag.
  • Make and decorate a didukh (sheaf of wheat) for your nativity prayer corner.
  • Say a prayer together in front of the icon corner


Week 4:

  • Add some wrapped candies, mixed nuts, homemade goodies, and table napkins to the basket.
  • Add deodorant or any other personal article to the bag.
  • Read the story of when Mary went to visit Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-45) and talk about it.


Week 5: 

  • Add some canned food such as soup, vegetables, juice, etc. to the food basket.
  • Add some body lotion, bubble bath to the personal care bag.
  • Bring your bag and/or your basket to church on Sunday. These will be delivered to the recipients of your choice; or make it a personal delivery from your family.


Week 6: 

  • You may wish to prepare your soul for the Christmas by receiving the sacrament of reconciliation (confession) at this time. Don’t wait until Christmas Eve.
  • Prepare your home for Christmas, decorate, wrap gifts, learn some carols.
  • Pray for the family that will receive the gift and say a prayer of thanksgiving for all of your own blessings from God and especially for the gift of Jesus.