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Calling all children and teens! Tell the world about the gift of the earth that we have received from the Creator. As a precious gift from God we want to take good care of it. This year’s theme is: A Home for all. Renewing the Oikos of God. 

Oikos is a Greek word meaning home. Create a poster that reminds people that the earth is a home created by God. It is home to everyone and everything and what we do affects everyone and everything. When we treat the world poorly the whole world suffers and when we treat it well, the whole world rejoices!

Design a poster that:

– Encourages people to love the earth 

– Show ways we can take care of the earth

– Reminds people how beautiful the earth is

– Suggest ways we can protect the earth

Take a photo or scan your poster and submit your entry by filling out the form above!

The deadline to submit is Sept 25, but get them in early because we want to post them on our website and other social media all through the Season of Creation (Sept 1 – Oct 4)!

There are four categories and prizes:

Age 5-7 $25 and a surprise gift

Age 8-10 $25 and a surprise gift

Age 11-14 $35 and a surprise gift

Age 15-18 $50 and a surprise gift

We will post the winners on Oct 5, 2021, 12:00 pm on our website and social media. Winners will also be contacted by email after the announcement.


Create the poster on an 8 ½ X 11 sheet of paper

Crayons, felt, paint and other media are acceptable

No photographs, digital images or logos

One submission per person

Parental permission required for all minors

Posters will be displayed with first name and age only