Who was St. Giuseppe Moscati?

Born on July 25, 1880, in Benevent, Italy, Giuseppe Moscati was an Italian doctor and was canonized in 1987 as a saint. Despite coming from an aristocratic family, St. Giuseppe decided to become a doctor instead of following his family’s legacy in law. He specifically used his knowledge in medicine as a vocation to serve the vulnerable and poor. He often would offer his services for free and cover medical bills to those who could not afford them. While living a frugal life, St. Giuseppe was able to focus away from material possessions and instead on God and giving back to the community.

A Saint in Our Life: St. Giuseppe Moscati

St. Giuseppe is one saint that people continue to turn to today. In this episode of Saints in Our Lives, we discuss how St. Giuseppe impacts peoples lives:

👉 Who was St. Giuseppe? 

👉 What made St. Giuseppe unique to his peers?  

👉 How is St. Giuseppe an inspiring embodiment of charity? 

In this twenty-minute episode, Lauren, a practicing doctor, talks about how St. Giuseppe is an inspiring role model that we can turn to. 

St. Giuseppe

Book Recommendation

In this episode, Lauren suggests a great book about St. Giuseppe: Saint Giuseppe Moscati: Doctor to the Poor by Antonio Tripodoro. You can order the book online here: 

Two Facts About St. Giuseppe We Can Apply to Our Everyday Lives

1. He Was a Devout Catholic

St. Giuseppe came from a Catholic family who attended mass regularly, recited the rosary daily, and carried a rosary as a reminder to seek help from Mary and Jesus throughout the day. St. Giuseppe prayed before seeing each patient and encouraged all to receive the sacraments often. 

2. He Used His Work as a Vocation 

As a doctor, he used his position to care for the vulnerable and poor. He often donated his medical services to people who could not afford it, and left money for patients to purchase the medication they needed. During World War One, he had treated nearly 3000 soldiers in the Italian army. He lived a frugal life so he could provide and care for others in need.