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The Episode

Bishop David met with Father Andreas, the parish pastor at St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church in Edmonton on 124 street. Father Andreas has been serving in Edmonton since August of 2018. In this episode, we examine the historic routes of the Greek Orthodox Church and learn how the history of the Ukrainian Catholic Church connects. We also discuss how much both churches share in common and how we can work together.

Show Highlights

  • Our common routes historically and liturgically.
  • Bishop David shares a story about Metropolitan Sotirios.
  • Our shared traditions but our unique emphasis.
  • Why is it called the Ukrainian “Greek” Catholic Church?
  • How have the churches adapted to ministering to North America?
  • Fr. Andreas explains the unique ministry of the Greek Orthodox in North America.
  • How have both churches adapted to the COVID-19 Pandemic?
  • How can we work together as Christians?

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