The Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton is changing the way we Evangelize in 2021. With that, we’re looking to our community of faithful to help create a logo that represents our Ukrainian Catholic community! Anyone can take part in this contest, submissions close on January 22nd. Our Church’s mission statement is:

We strive to carry out the mission entrusted to the Church by Christ Himself to fulfill in the world, namely, to journey with God’s people in their coming to know God, to love God, and to serve God.

Our Eparchial theme is Come Follow Me, and thus the logo should be a representation of the diverse groups of laity and clergy that all are united in following Christ’s teachings. This logo can be a simple hand drawing or done in any graphic design software. Submissions may be posted on social media when submitted and the winner will be announced on January 27th. Here are some general ideas for an Eparchial logo:

  • A modern logo designed in the context of our current society.
  • Representative of a diverse group of people
  • Representative of people following Christ’s teachings
  • Keep in mind the traditions and culture around Ukrainian Catholicism
  • Avoid text inside the logo where possible

If you choose to use a cross in your logo, the Byzantium style and Catholic style cross would be appropriate.

Contest Winner Receives $300 and $200 will be donated to a local homeless shelter of your choice!