It’s no secret:
We really love our neighbourhood kids!

This past Tuesday, Dormition’s UCWLC did another shop for our local school, providing them with food so that they can distribute it among the kids and families of Our Lady of Peace School.  OLOP school is a great community school located blocks away from Dormition Parish which has more than its share of underprivileged families.  Because of this many students arrive hungry.  Normally the school’s meal program helps feed the kids so that they can focus on their studies, and our parish’s UCWLC has been supporting them for several years.  This year with Covid added to the mix, and restrictions on feeding people, the need is greater than ever.
Virginia and Janet were able to purchase and deliver $433 worth of groceries, consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables plus items suitable to be sent home to feed hungry families.  Diane too is very involved, being part of this effort for as long as I remember, even though she was not feeling up to being present for the delivery this time around.
The principal and staff were delighted! They expressed their sincere thanks and mentioned that they had not expected us to continue our support in this time of Covid. 
If parishioners wish to donate funds or non-perishable items for food bank distribution our UCWLC Branch will see that donations will go to Our Lady of Peace School or (if more appropriate) the Edmonton Food Bank.
The photo above shows some of the groceries that were taken to the school.

Our Youth are into it!  Great deeds inspire more great deeds.

Every other Friday, the Teens of Dormition Parish & St. Nicholas Melkite Parish are welcome to join our socially distanced “Youth Group”.  These High School and Junior High School students have been thinking of ways that they can make a real change in the world.  When they heard that there were kids and families needing help they decided to jump on the wagon.

The 12 teens who participated this past Friday each made a commitment to raise as much as they can for OLOP.  The money will be spent in purchasing more groceries and needed items that the school can distribute as they see fit… likely via the UCWLC.  (The school is not able to receive money, but is able to take items, due to existing rules.)

Each of these kids is trying to raise at least $200, for a group target of more than $2,000, in only 4 weeks!  

How will they do it?  Well, some were talking about doing a bottle drive, others were considering selling arts and crafts, others were thinking of taking a collection at their own schools.  Fr. Bo said “Any way of helping the poor is a good way – so long as it is legal.”

If one of the local kids asks you to help, feel free to do so.  You can give money or even good nonperishable food items (check your expiratory dates) here at the parish.  There will be a jar in the front of the church, and the usual “Food Bank” bin in the entrance.

Those wishing to donate online can do so through Dormition Parish’s online donation site.  This donation page is part of the Eparchy’s website and is done through “Canada Helps”.  You can make your donation a general donation, but then please write in the comments that these funds are “for the OLOP School Project via Dormition Parish”.  Donations of over $25 typically do receive a tax receipt from the parish.

Our teens also challenge other teens to get on board.  We dare you to gather at least $200 to help some other people during the month of November.  Join our campaign and let’s exceed the target of $2000.  This is a great project for all of us as we begin to enter the season of preparing for the Nativity of our Lord.