Camp Oselia is running their annual Pink Flamingo Fundraiser again, and with Covid cancelling this year’s summer camps, they need your playful support more than ever.
How does this fun fundraiser work? You can put all of your friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers into our draw barrel for only $2 each. On each day of the last week of July (Flamingo Week), we will randomly draw someone from our draw barrel, and put our wacky flock of flamingo lawn ornaments on their lawn for the day. This can all be done from our website: . No leaving your home, no contact with anyone.
We will send your people an email letting them know that you have personally and lovingly “Flamingoed” them. The people whom you have “flamingoed”, of course, will have the opportunity to retaliate by “flamingoing” you and others, so… perhaps you should also purchase a $20 “Anti-Pink-Flamingo” insurance policy to keep your front lawn flamingo free.
It’s a fun way of letting others know that you are thinking of them. All the proceeds go towards making Camp Oselia the greatest, most exciting, safest, and coolest camp in the world!